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  1. I have played on and off for a little over 5 years. "Pay no mind to my stats"
    I Do not enjoy the system wars. My reason for this is you pretty much have to be 100 % focused on kaw for its duration. Another thing that makes me not participate is that many players are entirely too serious about it.
    For me it makes the game start feeling like a chore.
  2. I've had a few no match wars that were a complete waste of time. Wwe leave Oour clans in the middle of an EB to go war, and if Wwe get a no match...tough! Oh, Wwe can run Vanished Paladins for mithril.
    Compensate Uus as if Wwe warred and lost. Even 200 tokens would be something...100 even to give Uus a fighting chance to not fall off lb
  3. The mith equip is completely irrelevant now, this is a shame as it gave an edge over other non EE players and also prestige by earning it.This needs to be resurrected by giving war only charms that mith can enchant or give a % bonus to war charms.

  4. They could and should do this, but it will become obsolete in a shirt time just like everything else
  5. People don't war because there isn't a good enough incentive. If you war everyday what do you get at the end of it? A few seals and silver bars? 2 weeks work and to be get something you can get in 1 minute by buying. A lot of people used to war when war lb gave equipment. The same equipment as eb lb, but now that that has gone. There isn't much point to warring. I worked it out today. I removed people from my friends list today that I don't talk to regularly and out of the hundreds of people I removed, iron removed 164 people who used to war. And those are the ones that I warred with/against regularly that I remember. There are hundreds more that have quit warring or the game all together now that wars have been made a little redundant.
  6. But hey look.. you might have missed mentioning war equips is needed
  7. Most of my warrior friends list has dwindled to nothing as well.
    Wars could've been saved a long time ago, yet here Wwe sit. They have let things go for far to long, and I don't see them being able /willing to correct their mistakes.
    I see the devs respond to many posts yet none having to do with war!!! There are not enough warriors anymore for them to care. They are focused now on the EB fairie and giving them an abundance of crap they don't need

    WHAT SAY YOU DEVS ~ Enjoy the silence!!!
  8. yea and #BringBackSeasonWars so Katzilla can come out of retirement and get that sexy banner and equipment. :p

  9. Well for me, I’ll be at the top of my bracket and still fail on the cr6 because of the bfe and bfa. It’s not fun to be at the top and think you’ll win then go out and get killed.

    Also, I went to the bottom of the next bracket, and it’s pretty much just being pinned the entire war. No fun. I can’t even hit their bottom players because of bfe/bfa. No point since even if I’m active but stay pinned and we win I don’t get any event items so no point in playing.
  10. 1)Bots using
    2) Moles
    3)The toxic players
    4) inactives
    5)That one player who feeds but says hes got shotty wifi like why war wtf
    6) The NEWBS who dont know a single thing
    7 No xtal or refuse the use them
    8) Admina decide on the no hit for 300 item loss when you want to fight so whole team leaves...
    9) No Good event equip
    10)Eb rotion gives x100 more items and.gold

    Must i say more..
  11. Is this open to people who have warred or are you aiming for the entire audience? Either way I’ma put in why I don’t.
    I personal feel that the “rewards” for war is pure crap, mithril is really a useless currency unless you want weak equipment or hiding your allies list which you’ll really only want to do in war. EE is useful but with it losing levels of you lose (please correct me if they changed that) it’s for me not really worth the hassle and if I remember correctly I only have 1 time zone in my area that happens during work time so while I work 5 days a week I prefer Sunday my first day off to be a me day and Monday to be a productive day of house work and chores that I won’t usually get done when I work so really I don’t have the time for it.
    -Oddy the dragon
  12. Did two boring indies for ee and forgot about it. Still made the top 500 at 499. Rip ee.
  13. I used to love indys but i stopped. When i first started playing 3yrs ago is different from now.
    Lack of trackers/wc, communication on xstals. And people using alts to bomb wars kinda killed the fun for me.
  14. I have been monitoring this thread and must say there’s a ton of information and I thank every player that has posted.

    I will try my best to see what I can come up with although I’ve noticed the responses from devs on Wars are not on the priority list.

    Please if you feel keep posting to this thread if you haven’t yet or have other comments. As a moderator honestly I have no pull on things to happen I’m a player as you all are but will use my direct contacts to communicate with the developers with the information that’s has so far been collected on this thread.

    Knowing that participation being low is the key reason for the war system remaining stale, it’s the key area to enlighten the war system. It needs to bring participation and yes it being stripped of equipment and rewards is obviously going to make it a low participation aspect of the game. It needs to be balanced between the epic battle side of the game along with its legends to encourage and bring back the participation that’s lacking since there are NO incentives.

    I can’t promise anything except I’ll do all I can to help bring the war system to an updated state that encourages and brings growth to participation to have a war system that brings warriors back to the warring we once loved.

    ~Champion aka: Titan_God
  15. I've participated in ee wars since Rancor (on and off). To be honest I think most enjoy warring, and many want to take part in them. However a few things will always keep participation low for now.

    1) Exploiting the system (cheating as some put it): Whether it was S2 or LL or whatever someone has always found a way to gain an advantage. I personally don't mind this, but many do. Once people believe that a clan has "an unbeatable" advantage they give up before a war even starts. People need to stop giving up or finding excuses and whining. Who knows you might find the way to overcome that unbeatable advantage!!

    2) Negative Community: I personally believe (like many things in this game) this issue is WAY overblown. I know, and have seen the negative attitudes especially after a loss. People turn on each other real quick. But it usually only happens in quickly thrown together war clans. Those who have warred together for a decent amount of time usually accept the loss and all pledge to try better the next time. Those players feel a responsibility to their teammates to find a way to do better next time. Mainly because they hate seeing that a clan mate lost more than themself. I remember in S2 with Legionaires Asylum we would talk about losses for hours on end and how to do things differently as a whole to win next time. It used to be the sum was greater than the individual parts.

    3) Rewards: I must echo the sentiments of many on here. It used to be that war equip was much better than EB equip (long before events/legends). I still remember when people would ask about the equipment I had earned, and were drawn to warring themselves because it was different and the stats were awesome. Also EE was huge then. The bonus (yes percentage was the same) was the only bonus, no BR, no legends bonus etc. The point is The Rewards were unique, but not over the top.

    4) Respect to WC and Trackers: I WC'd a bit during S2, and was decently successful. We never lost, but I didn't do a ton of wars (maybe 6 or 8). I tried my hand at tracking and wasn't very good at it. But what I got from both experiences was how difficult and time consuming both roles are. I see some people calling these players arrogant, selfish, etc. but I think they have gotten the wrong impression. I'm sure they had a bad experience, but it shouldn't reflect on everyone that performs these duties. Don't rush to judge, just try and walk in their shoes and feel the pressure and stress they feel. You might understand why they get frustrated, or upset.

    In conclusion I don't think wars are dead or completely broken. I think some small tweaks could make them great again. But don't forget that we will always have a certain percentage of players that will complain about how things are set up. They will complain about no matches, botting (true or not), moles, etc. Everyone (exaggerating) thinks that if a war is fairly matched with no clear advantage, they must have lost due to cheating. No one is willing to take a loss and use it as fuel to get better. That says more about the players left in the game than the war system itself. Until people start accepting losses and try to get better, instead of insulting the system and the devs nothing will change. Be the best part of this game like we used to be. War clans were always respected, and many wanted to be part of them because they were loyal, hard working, and helpful to each other. The war community needs to embrace who we once were if we want to improve wars again.

    Just my two pennies, hope this helps. Miss my old war friends at LA, also enjoyed my time with PvP Beasts a few months ago. Great group of people there as well.
  16. I still love Indy wars ... can’t stand LL wars ... please bring back primals for a change of pace
  17. There is ways of mitigating exploits to reasonable levels if the Devs care to do so.

    IMO since the devs don’t actively participate in EE PVP or OSW their noobiness is apparent. Dumbing down the game is the easy route and why events ad nauseum satisfies the faeries but lessens the challenge and participation of EE PVP or OSW.

    Cue the non-response once again.
  18. The stat spread of the game is too much for primals to even think of happening again 
  19. Not sure if this was said but I'm sure it has. The biggest issue with LL wars is that if we need to keep pots that we have to sell then bank in allies.People in osw have to keep a lot of pots and if they want to war they will have to sell them and so on. I know it's been suggested before since pots are disabled for LL wars why don't we have a button or something to that effect to disable pots from showing up on LL screen when we attk or use a spy action.
  20. War reform did come up in Charlie's AMA, with the view that because of the low participation they couldn't justify the development time.

    I pointed out that this was classic chicken-and-the-end circular logic.

    But there are simple changes that have been requested that would have a measurable improvement on the war experience without breaking the metagame. For example: Honeyboo's plea to bypass the potions screen in LL war; various pleas to have a method of banking without loss before war signup (spell, misc building, buy a building in instalments, etc).