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  1. I haven't warred since estoc first came out, big reason is no one wants to teach, we can't ear without crystals and I don't have the time or the money to sit there and try and war when no one is willing to sit back for a second and explain in more detail of what wars entail. Not against PvP and not against wars, no ones willing to teach
  2. Hi, this is coming from the guy who won season 4, and it wasn't very close.

    LL wars:
    1: No competition - why? You can throw together Alts, and get 300. Why try to win? The effort required to win, is not worth only double what you can get so easily by losing.

    2: people warring on PC. You can fully unload in 2 seconds. A roster of 15 people who are dtw in 2 seconds into war start - and whose xtal you have to spam for the entire game - makes it not fun. Who in their right minds wants to spam for 60 minutes straight, to get a meh reward?

    To fix the PC problem - limit the amount of actions they can do in a span of time. All devices should be locked at 1 second per action. This would make wars strategic - not OMGHURRYANDUNLOADDONTLEAK.

    Indi wars: they are actually in a good spot, besides the lack of people warring. Indi wars are still fun, a bit of a crapshoot sometimes, but being a good warrior with a good build greatly improves your individual chances of winning more. This can't get much more fair imo, besides making it so you're more consistently warring against players of your stature. To do this, more people need to be warring.

    To make more people war, we need to increase the rewards. If radagast was right and EE isn't giving the correct bonus, that's a travesty in itself. That aside, there needs to be more rewards. If you war consistently - you're usually putting aside your growth. It's hard to grow while warring full time. The bonuses need to be MORE (refer to golden-minotaur post). And the times need to be a lot shorter. A couple days. Few days at the most, and you don't lose it all; you lose it in chunks.

    Not only that, WINNERS should get a CONSIDERABLE amount of silver bars. To negate the fact that you just spent 2 hours NOT eb'ing.

    Doing these things would greatly improve the current landscape. Notice how I did not mention LL wars as a problem. They are great. The time per action is what is causing the low amount of warring. Among my other reasons.
  3. I have Been warring after s2 ended, chaos Wars where great a lot of clans 11 vs 11 , remember before 2013 ended, it was great warring ... Then they started doing 20 vs 20 killing a of small EE clans, they remove TVP, would be good if they make it better plunder and rewards, so they kept 15 vs 15, i love the weekends 100 vs 100 rosters, Primal wars where slow, then they came out with LL, added the BFE/BFA killing some fun, would be nice to have a Low Land Indi...

    Also a lot of players have left to RL others are in Heaven watching us play Kaw
  4. Add back war eq, would help the merged brackets as more people would war to fill in the gap.
    Nerf charms and current bfe to ~50% of their current static. The amount of static that eq gives is way to high to sustain lower bracket wars.
    Make wars give x2-3 of the current max payout of 600(1200 to 1800 per win).
    Increase sb rewards. The current sb rewards compared to eb side of event is WAY to low.
    Oversee the accounts legitimately "cheating" we all know who I'm talking about :).
    Fix the current indi problem of mismatches no wc on one side no tracker(hard to code lol)
    Make mith useful again
  5. This
  6. Limiting the amount of actions you can do is a horrible idea . In wars strategy involves speed, having more speed means you can dive sooner, get more regens etc. its not hard to get on a PC when needed. Nerfing the people who go out of their way to go to a place with good wifi speed and a pc is basically saying "because you make some people look slow let me speed bump you" which makes me laugh. Not to mention that it takes min 3 seconds to go dtw with inc as the max is ~2.5 atks per second. 2 is impossible with a script meaning they are going 5 atks per second lol
  7. Limiting actions on PC to make them equal to device will make ps1 useless.

    The only reason Ps1 stand a chance against the counterpart hyb is because they could be faster. Equal speed hyb and ps1... Hyb ALWAYS wins given you dont use some stupid strat and stick to mirror with counter xtals.
  8. Don't be lazy and spam if you wanna win 
  9. Indi:

    Well I have massive bfe from charms and equip so most of the bracket can't even touch me. My bfa is by no means much good 600/600/150/300 but I can still fb assa or attack most people in my bracket with a super aggressive plunder only build. That should not be possible. Since most people are slow (1 action per s or slower) I can pretty much have free reign over my brackets and I can frequently outplunder their entire team. When I lose it is usually because of inactives or open ps which are extremely frustrating to deal with. If a player has a history and opens as a PS multiple times, maybe a longer ban? But then they could just make alts? Hard to find a good fix to moles and open PS

    Well I war w Cutie Squad/unigrounds lol and our wc has just so much more knowledge when it comes to lowland war. Troop loss, how much pay certain actions give, you name it. He has optimized strats that let us win unfavorable matchups like us as 15/0/6/3 vs hellbound at 18/0/1/5 where they make 7m a hit and we make 5.6 from full, not to mention how many fewer troops they lose. Then we also have a lot of the fastest people in kaw, which lets us recruit a lot of the other fast people (except vros but they are another story) and basically now we have a pretty dominant hold on lowland wars. It gets to the point where we can war 2 clans and almost always win both wars.

    TL:DR lowland is not noob friendly and you are screwed if ur wc sucks or players are slow/don't know much about the game
  10. So how has this data collection over the last few months gone champion? Are wars in any way going to be improved upon or was this just like the hundreds of other similar threads which resulted in no change at all?
  11. So far I have heard only that they are interested in ideas and want the war war system to be great. As far as feedback that’s what I’ve gotten I’m I been in talks with only one dev that’s pertaining to the war system.
  12. What ideas r they interested in?
    There is no replies from the devs on any war thread i know of. Appearances so far say war is not on their radar and idc about lumping them into these events as a sideshow. What reason is there not to open up a devs thread & get our input? If nothing else then offer some beta test war formats for us to try.
  13. Wars don't earn the devs money. They would rather release a flawed update and have b2b eb events with no real war event to be had. Example of this is no new war type and no s7

  14. True wars may not be lucrative for the devs but ppl who war hit eb's more than they can war. If they lose interest that is money lost. No new war type or S7 is troubling though.
  15. Thanks for the quick reply man. However as it's been over 3 months now and this is all that's happened I'd wager it's just time for me to give up on wars and move on. Really not what the devs are interested in. Honestly to get some sort of response someone needs to come up with a way for wars to cost more money. The ability to cast stackable pvp battle cry or something lol
  16. I hear ya there and may be time for me to step away from warring although it’s the sole purpose i play. I do hope that something comes of the community feedback and something is done no matter yet small or big as long as something is done to show the acknowledgement that Wars need love too.
  17. Having seen Estoc from beta (S2 Worm, got the full set of 6)

    There are an enormous count of reasons not to.

    The amount of time it takes to have a competitive chance in Estoc is often hundreds of hours of commitment, stupid and horrid sleep cycles, and it typically harms family and other important relationships.

    The equipment has no value, even in the charms system, look at my lvl 50 chest plate, it has near to or worse stats than the level 2 event boots. BOOTS!

    Why would we invest a few hundred dollars, the 1 hour to bank (allies at market value, other small denominations in bars), prepare build, and find a war, 2 hours to devote to a war in the hour pre-game and hour of fighting.

    Deal with an utter lack of coordination in CC because everyone who plays them now is new to it, and has to learn, but that in it's own right costs our time and money.

    Take on the responsibility of WC/track/secondary tracking (yes, that is a thing...)

    And all of that only to have at BEST, a 50% chance (usually much less) chance of winning.

    I would care a whole lot less about taking the time to war if you gave equip with decent stats and % plunder bonuses. (Yes, you have done it, I want you to do it again. I still use my Descry Boots, despite much worse combat stats.)

    But the current system (barring lack of variety, exploration, computational advantage, etc.) Is not worth participating in. And I have spent HUNDREDS of hours playing in or preparing for wars of all sorts. (2012 summer war, EE, etc.)

    Until you give a reasonable and unique motivation, you will never see the same engagement from warriors. Look at how well the first 2 sets of Rancor gear worked. Give us something that won't be invalid in two weeks or two months, and you might be surprised.


    Note: Edited for grammar and flow, this was originally posted from mobile at like 2am.
  18. Titan M8,good to see u after a long time.If u remember me,we used to war together at DOTB.Until Devs screwed wars,not giving eqps for wars and giving them for EBs instead is the main reason people don't war anymore

  19. I to was at DotB with Sylver who helped run 2-3 war clans at once. Gone r those days when ppl were lining up eager to war. Primals were not perfect but they were pretty good overall for those who put in the effort. Those who don't put out now r in LL FFA wars and war has since gone downhill fast catering to those wanting participation loser rewards. When was the last LL War that was not including a FFA clan?
  20. Hey there I do remember you how could I not DOTB had warriors ;) and I do agree without war specific equipment wars have died considerably.

    Nighthawk yes indeed that’s all true all I want is for wars to return to bring back the warriors that once were and deminish the ffa clans.

    War is for true warriors not leeches!