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  1. Warred 2-3x daily sometimes 4 during war seasons now down to once a week or 2.
  2. It would be a welcome change for a new emphasis on wars, new types of wars, new rewards from wars..... really anything to bring joy and people back to the one of a kind war system pvp that only this game has.
  3. BFE and BFA are two important aspects for system wars.
    With the current update on tradeable charms, it would only make more alts doing a few actions just to get the item rewards. Charms are just eye candy for me because I'm not interested on system wars anymore - many already stated the reasons.
    Creating alts wouldn't resolve the dwindling system wars, it would only make it more like hitting regular ebs because the urge to win would just frustrate a player, specially on indi wars. Gone are the days when your place on cr says something about your bfa. You can already predict the result by just viewing at other's showcase window.
  4. Some of the reasons including myself have stopped warring

    - no war eq , bascially all events before there was a seperate eq from war it made more people war for better eq stats

    - same old stale war types - both for Indi/LL

    - constant inactives or moles who cast consistently within a certain bracket and are known to the majority who war frequently with miniminal repercussions I.e extended SS . They alone can determine if u get a wc/trk or not as some won't try if they get put on your team knowing that they won't put effort in and are happy to receive 300 or freeload and get 600 if they get put onto a stacked Indi roster .
  5. We would continue warring if:
    1)Random/Advantage are brought back
    2)Better Build wars (LL wars suck)
    3)Bring back Round wars
    4)Double wars break the fun...ppl war on 2 accts or more (not stating names) and thus are kinda inefficient in any of em
    5)Botters still exist...
    6)Ppl war for only event items
    7)Banking isnt an issue..buy an ally b4 war and it gets rebought right after war(profit)
    8)I like long bananas
    9)Lack of WC/Tracker in certain brackets
    10)I also like Potatoes
    11)why war when u can watch 11yr olds play minecraft on yt..(Cringe warning)
    12)Be honest..who thinks we want LL wars instead of OR wars
    13)KAW is dead
    14)go play pimd

    Lets farm devs?

    O0O-l_URKlNG--T3RR0R_O0O has knocked out your enemy, JackJohnny, looting 964,780,417 gold of their plunder score.
    9/26/2017...indi war..while posting this :D :D
  6. same as me
  7. I think one of the major issues leading to a decline in warriors are the unfair methods used on a PC to war.
    You have keyboard macros, mouse macros, scripts and more.
    A single AHK can FB unload ps1 troops in a few seconds and ATA would be none the wiser.
    Heck my mouse comes with a gaming suite that let's me write scripts to automate repetitive actions that can be applied to a lot of things.
    Eg: Button 1 when toggled will cloud print and mail "Mr X" the selected document. You get the idea.

    Since it's obvious that ATA cannot/will not counter them, they might as well remove wars from PC and you'll see things improve. I'm not saying you can't cheat on a phone, you can, just not as easy as on a PC.
    I'm not bringing up names, but y'all know who they are.

    There are so so many undetected ways to cheat on the PC that it's pointless to compete with the clans that use them.
    ATA sends you the same old copy paste response when you complain about it. "We'll look into it."
  8. Change the way the Estoc Edge buff works.Modify it so.you actually get 50% at level five, it does not give the proper amounts.Also Buffing to make it a Event item drop buff will make it more relevant to war to do better in events.

    Also changing from Lb for wars, to like how rancor war levels were, to help woth wars, if you lose you lose a level, and win you win one, to remove FFA wars, becuase it would promote the need to win, and anyine who met the level tier's would get rewards.

    Also adding the ability or feature to have trackers and WC to be able to cast and it would slot one per indiwar, with a item/spell that name changes in wc and stuff, so they know what you are. It would be sort of like VK, where you vote ppl in, so people can't abuse, people like me who track every war would get a tracker symbol on my name or color change, and it would allow a feature with wars to cast and fill a tracker slot for a war. It would be work, but would help bring back wars. I'd be willing to teach to track anyone and help growth of trackers, if it happened.

    Also buffing the rewards a bit so it is worth taking hours out of your day from being able to hit a zta for thousands of items, vs warring.
  9. I used to war for fun because I loved the competition and the thrill. Ee wars have lost all of their competitive nature. Its not fun nor rewarding. More so, clan loyalty and competence may be an issue.
  10. Good thread.
    I really love to war. I've warred many years in almost all formats.
    But on device not on pc.
    Don't care much for crap shoot indi wars, in which a single fast lb player can determine which side will win.
    Unfair how actions are 5-10x more faster on pc than device.
    And now you have the equipment issue for ll wars, those who have the most equip will win. I imagine this will be nullified sooner or later tho.
    Level the playing field. Then I will pursue war again for the reason of fun.
  11. Every good lowland war crew juat died out. Ffa is a waste of time. Indi i do for plunder bonus or event top 500. Most of the time idiots that war dont give 100% effort, dont follow, domt report damaging inc, dont sko or dive properly. Its a farce. Crap "warriors" ruin indi. Ffa ruins ll
  12. #bringbackwareq  maybe see more people war
  13. I don’t bother because there’s no real reward anymore. I can get mith from PvP weekends which are far less stressful to participate in and require minimal loss on my part. The equip is a joke now, the matchups are a dice roll and the rewards are insignificant.
  14. Bring back War Equip!

    Rewards from Wars are not enough. Increase the reward. Give us something that we can proudly wear.
  15. i use to ee alot running a ee clan wc/tracking and don't as much anymore for a few reasons.

    1. No clan loyalty older style ee clans there was a perk to ee and become a solid team, now you come and go.

    2.To may who don't care, nothing frustrates me more than trying to wc and clan either does whatever they want or u have inactive/ alt/moles. This is why i stopping wc why stress my self out if others don't care enough to follow.

    3. I personally like ll wars but mostly because indi is a crap shot at best, the match up system is all out dated and out of balance. At least with LL you can war with a solid group who listen. With the chase of event stuff it has lead to so many "ffa" clans which are easy wins yes but take the fun away from warring.

    No my thoughts to address the no wc/tracker is kinda simple devs can simply ask at time of cast if you can wc/track and then when matching simply add to each side a wc/tracker. now for others in clan to see devs can color them differently so it's very clear who selected to wc/track.
    often times i have seen a roster have no known wc and other side have 3-4 if the match up system would have known that and balanced it out better who knows how some of the war outcomes would have been.

    Equipment is also a big down fall, In past ee gear use to be tiers higher than eb gear and was something to show with pride. I also made us war more as we would need mith to enchant the gear It also is a revenue path for devs those "real" warriors spend for xtals where now they may not even be warring anymore so no need for xtals.

    So in conclusion: Fix mith gear aka give us a reason to want to war, fix the match up system.
  16. Used to war all the time in late 2013 thru all of 2014. Wars were a lot more fun then. Haven't been back to doing EE since.

    What incentive is there to do it?

    Clan loyalty has all but faded away, and constant growth is needed to keep up (banking really eats up a decent percentage), and finally, mith equipment is just crap
  17. My answer is simple. Why I don't war? (And I've always wanted to) I wouldn't trust anyone. Example: WSP rip
  18. I agree with all this but honestly only way to make wars great again is bring back 100 v 100 indi and give a better bonus for winning, also if you do lowland wars get rid of free for all its ruining it best way to do that is stop rewarding losing teams
  19. I don't war cause I hear people complain about how mess up the wars are and I don't like LL war it sucks not my thing just too war with low lands won't do that war so I don't war I guess cause I I see so many people complain about the wars so maybe one day I might be able to when I see the war people happy that war is fix time will tell