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  1. I want to thank all that have posted, this really does help in ways of seeing what's the reasons throughout the warring community.

    I do hope to see more people post I've seen a ton of warriors being I do war myself.

    Thanks again everyone keep them coming :)
  2. Honestly if you war it's for fun. The payouts suck unless you get top lb in an event. There is not growth advantages to war. You get no gold from it only mith which is basically useless now. War needs better gold payouts.
  3. Good thread titan. Not much to add to what has already been posted, but my biggest peeves as someone who does war:

    Ffa/action chaser players and clans. Any kind of anti-competitive behaviour. Too many rewards for losers and not enough for winners.

    Too many spies in Indy wars and diving in ll. it's all about diving and spamming the divers. Need a format that doesn't reward these kinds of strategy.
  4. I dont because normal ebs i do pay more and i dont want to waste time on a 50/50 chance of winning also to many inactives and spies
  5. What was the outcome of this thread?

    So many spot-on observations it would be a shame if it was all for nought.
  6. All information I received was given to the devs over a period of time. Quite honestly and unfortunately I’m not sure what’s going to happen with the war aspect of this game at the time being.
  7. EE wars literally keep me and some others playing the game lol . it’s a fun filled action packed hour of chaos and is even better when a clan versus another good clan . I’ve been warring almost 4 years and it’s the most fun thing about this game . Besides lowland wars, people don’t do indi much anymore (as I see it) because there’s lack of anything different than there was when lowland started whenever ago and devs got rid of advantage and random types in indi . The diversity in war types is was made it fun at least for me .
  8. How come I wasn't told about this TG(-.-)
  9. 1. New lands = higher bc cs = higher eb plunder = ally price inflation = difficult to keep allies if a player is not a member of a clan alliance.
    2. Crestplates = easy growth = lesser stress when you can earn easy plunder from every eb with a spy-build = lesser need for silver bars, unless you want to keep very op allies.
    3. New showcase items = bfe expansion = lesser need for op allies = only old players will benefit = fewer new players/accounts would cast woc.
    4. Not everyone wants to track time, in fact many just let the time pass. No fun in staring at screen for an hour. Or waiting for an hour.
    5. People get attracted to bigger numbers. Disproportionate building unit stats - Compare LL, HL and HF to Abyss, Osmon and DeepMines - (compare troop to spy stats)
    6. RL and KaW not in synch.
    7.8.9.&10. I don't want to mention because somebody might get very angry and it would discourage new players and they would quit the game like the others.
  10. It use to be that warriors were adorned in the best equipment either earned in war, or purchased with mithril.

    I remember wanting to learn to war just for the equipment.

    Mithril is useless and Wwe all have the same equipment earned from events. I really don't know why all this useless equipment is needed

    I myself don't see the point of war and started letting fellow warriors know this is my last event as a warrior. I will finally tear down towers and join fellow tappers until I can't do it anymore.

    Clans have fallen silent in CC chasing EB drops as folks jump from one clan to the next. Wwe are getting bored and ppl have had enough.

    Wwe need a "Do Over". Bring back kingdoms at WAR or change the name to land of the EB fairies.

    Stop bombarding Uus with equipment from Ebs and let Uus earn it again. Warriors have mithril in abundance, but nothing to do with it

    Apologies if my thought process was scattered
  11. I war only for free seals other then that payout is crap, max tier is 40k and they give 300 for loss and 600 for win and thats IF u get 60 actions so if they pin u down before xtal and make u perm repin after x sorry ur screwed and wasted 2 hours, oh yh, mith is useless.
  12. I used to war a lot. Had all maxed ee equip from every season. 2012 asw eq, so on. I think i dont war now for these reasons:

    Time slots are kind of in weird times for me, thats just personal but yeah.

    Wars have gotten boring. I dont remember the last time i was in a war and actually had fun. Nothing seems to change. How many times can you do a boring LL war, and probably end up winning or losing because one person on one side doesn't know what they're doing.

    There doesn't seem to be good rewards imo for warring. Unless you go for the warring lb in events.. i mean 300 event items. Most people can make 300 event items in the time it takes for that war to be over. Mith isnt important, and the EE spell isn't bad, but you're talking about IF you win and then you have to keep it up. Wouldnt mind seeing an actual leaderboard for wars. Not sure how it'd work, but nice to see.

    Lastly is the people who don't know what theyre doing. I know kaw added the broken sword or w/e for inactives, but what about that crappy guy who leaks 600b cause he left allies unhidden? I dont like having to farm someone after war because of their mistake, it seems like its more of a hassle to war, than it is to not

    I mean it takes a minimum of what? 2-3 hours? 1 for war, 1 for "Strategy time" and whatever time you sit in the war clan before all that. My time seems better spent elsewhere. Just my 2 cents anyway
  13. I don't war a lot bc of the seriesness many have and the obligations to be there is not that I don't think it's important but bc I can't guarantee anything it's hard enough in the past being a frontline (osw strip buyer) and that's to be on for a single "minute" if strip doesn't get delayed lol banking is a non issue for me as someone who has been in back to back osw for most of my kaw career lol
  14. Not much incentive to war anymore. I war occasionally to renew my EE on my main and that's about it.

    I've been warring since S1, came 18th in S6. I must have done at least 400 wars by now. Tracked over 200. Wars just aren't interesting anymore.

    iWars are a cesspit of moles, inactives and half effort warriors. Total waste of the time right there.
    Whilst you need to keep up the latest KaW politics to find a current serious LL clan, they change every few months.

    ATA needs to do something to invigorate the warring system or overhaul it, but we all know they won't do much.
  15. I war indi quite actively, used to war LL quite a bit as well but it got boring+rewards decreased in value

    Some problems that indi faces right now:
    1) Bfe being extremely powerful while not being factored into cr- I believe a lot of this was covered by Faust and Holly in the trading thread. But even before trading, some people who come out of retirement to war simply have equipment that is too inferior, which lead to them being unable to do anything constructive and thus be discouraged to continue warring. In addition, some alt accounts lurk in the bottom tier with top tier bfe that demolishes any new account trying to war.

    2) Lack of rewards-- In recent times (I believe with this event rotation) war equipment has been removed from the rewards. This is incredibly discouraging for some and may lead to them just hitting more ebs instead of warring as that's where the pieces of equipment are at. In addition, they may not be as serious in war as it means less to them and thus anger others.

    3) Items-- Some accounts are especially adept at doing 60 scouts a war without actually contributing to the team result, and in so doing either throw the war or leech off a win. It's admittedly hard to fix though, since the system has to be as "fair" as possible, but each system has its own flaws.

    4) Poor war etiquette-- Inactivity is usually punished with a shattered sword. However, that's just for full inactivity. One can just make any kind of action and evade this. Of course, this is usually solved by people reporting the incident to devs, but sometimes people just get frustrated as the same person is inact from the umpteenth time. Which brings me to the point that shattered swords honestly offer little punishment to those who actually deserve it (constant inactivity, moling etc). They clearly don't care about the game much, is a 3 day ban from wars going to stop them from their incorrigible behaviour? Furthermore, with the current appeal of epic battles, they can also just choose to fairy for a couple of days.
    Edit: Additional stuff: Sometimes it is incredibly discouraging as a WC to have people not report anything:from actions to % to incoming actions. Or it is discouraging as someone who actually tries to see five people inactive at the start.

    5) The Vicious Cycle-- Indi brackets nowadays see more and more merges, even during timeslots where one usually sees quite a fair demarcation of brackets. Gone were the days where we could see 6 or 7 wars(or even more!) going on simultaneously, nowadays, it's just three or four. This, of course, is a result of people just not warring or becoming jaded. These kinds of bracket merges will in addition cause more people to perhaps stop warring, as stat disparities are too high. Then you have a higher stat disparity and even less people warring - a vicious cycle indeed.
  16. The only thing I'd like to see happen, and it would be super easy. When you cast wave of conflict for indi. There should be an additional pop up screen coming up saying something like "are you willing to lead this war" with a simple yes or no option.
    Too often I see or hear of an indi war that is ffa while one clan has like 3 people that like to lead while the other team has nobody that can lead.

    And even sometimes some the typical leaders are too busy during that specific war too lead. This would help eliminate ffa wars and make people more likely to cast, not having to be scrambling for a leader at the last minute and more likely to not be waisting our time.
  17. This is one of the main reason new players can't stay on EE wars. They can't barely get action because of some have the ability to click 4 to 5 times a second. I think in lowland should bring back raw stats no equipments, no BFA and no BFE from showcase equipment. Only way gives new players I fighting chance to enjoy and most enjoy the EE wars. I know the big spenders wouldn't like this they lost dominance. They can't maintain the game alone. I hope EE wars improve participants because for low or non spenders its best way to earn your items.
  18. Should also consider 5 vs 5 roster and 10 vs 10 roster to lower down the stats gap on roster. Tough to war on bottom of the high gap roster when you are 500 mill cs thrown to lb players bracket. You just wasted 2 hours without getting any action and no rewards
  19. I used to war 3 times a day almost everyday of the week. But then I burned out.

    Started doing indi wars only, wc'd every war, and even made my own challenge to see how many times I get get from no ee to ee 5 indi only lol.

    LL wars came and went I never really liked them because what's the point of collecting bfa and cool equips if you cant use them other then as a % boost.

    It just sucks seeing the game turn its back on system/ee wars. Osw will always be there. Ebs need to stay now that the game is already progressed to this point. But what I don't understand is why can't incentives to war be increased.

    -no rewards for losers
    -wars should only be on mobile to prevent most "botz"
    -boost the reward for winners immensely.

    *one thing I would like to see is a legend/event where you don't receive rewards every war, but instead keep track of your win/loss stats. Rewards will come out at the end, the more wins you have the better rewards you get.

    Let the people that stick to ebs only get their gold, I don't care about that. You want nice, overpowered equip?

    Learn how to war and get good at identifying builds and what mechs they have. Learn different strats. Take constructive criticism and do better the next time around. Stop warring Alts at the same time. Strips happen but if you're a ps, you know what to do to prevent that from happening (either drop allies or stay hansel but be fast). If you want to war make sure you can put it the effort and time because idk about everyone else but

    I hate losing

    Give the good equip to people that play this game to war.

    From your friendly noodle,
  20. Thank you for the responses it’s greatly appreciated. I have let the devs know and what I’ll hear I honestly can’t say. I just see the war side of kaw going down a dark tunnel with no light at the end which really sucks. My main reasoning for playing is for wars and at the pace it’s decaying it’s very saddening.

    If devs do plan on doing anything and let me know and I’m allowed to share I’m definitely going to let you all know. Thank you all again for your input and knowledge.

    :) Champ