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  1. Honestly I've played on and off for like 5 years on different accounts that I've lost track of, but I've never participated in a single war just because it seems too complicated and has no better bonuses that EB's can't give. Even in events/legends I can get good tiers just through being active a few times a day hitting EB's, so there's not much of a point of warring at all. It doesn't help that the warring community most of the time only flames and insults everyone that doesn't war, which makes it something I would rather not be a part of. One more thing is that warring takes 3 active hours, which is way too much to ask for a bit of gold.

    -not rewarding
    -game is EB focused
    -negative community
    -too much time
  2. Lowland doesn't have much variety as to stand a chance you usually just have to consist of stacking either hybrid or ps, which is very dull as there isn't any variety. Indi is kinda fun but personally I miss old, round war.
  3. Indi is good- but very easy to get screwed over by your own team. Then for LL wars you have a ps1 roaster vs a hyb, and it is possibly the most boring war sitting waiting for regens.
    If rancor came back omg wars would be lit- war clans would be back, everyone would be dropping builds and going with new things. There's been no variation for a long time now.

    Most annoyingly you don't war for fun now, you war for a leaderboard because there's a new event every week. Lot of things wrong
  4. This is a very nice thread titan :)

    These are my opinion why some wars and why some dont.

    Some people Wars because..

    -They are hardcore in war = means they dont care of the rewards, they just love to war and war, because its part of their daily routine.

    -They are kawing because of wars

    -No interest on Eb's (some)

    - Its the way of earning Silver Bars, which is easy for those small stats

    -Its the way of earning Aquas/Infernos/mithrills

    Some People DONT Wars because..

    - Time consuming= need preparation

    - Banking gold

    -Lazy to buy/sell pots which is required for
    LL war ( can we get off/on buttons for this one :p )

    -Lack of Wc's/Trackers

    -Struggling to get 15 warriors ( LLwar)

    - Many bot using Alts (LL war)

    - Not enough rewards

    -Crap Equipment rewards

    -Not enough Silver Bars reward

    -Need a very hardwork to earn rewards

    - No crystals

    - Winning team not getting Max drops

    -Losing team wasted time ( not encouraging to
    war again

    - Intentionally open ps to feed opponent causing/throwing to lose war

    -Moles = using many alts in war, or friend of opponent (throwing wars)

    -Discrimation of builds (leak builds) some
    people harsh about it

    -Leak builds in their team that goes mia (missing in action)causing to lose the war

    -No interest

    -Timing not good in their timezone
  5. What Nicko said was very true. EE wars was something you could be proud of before (mith equips/banners). You can only get it with EE wars. The pride is there, you brandish those mith rewards like a boss.

    For me, bring the pride back. Reward the clan and people. Promote clan loyalty. Before, you can only join clans who ee war thru an interview and proof that you actually performed.

    Bring back the excitement whenever an EE war season comes.

    Remember the days of Rising Hawks, GH, We're Screwed, Big and Small RCA, X-Factor, Acoustic Sunrise, Worms, Tactical Force to name a few.

    Devs, you can actually do this. Don't just reward the account, reward the clan as well.
  6. Could use a new war schedule. Just something different is all.
  7. I did a couple of wars and utterly failed lol. I was so lost and felt so slow... It's honestly intimidating when I have seen people lose their crap over wars. Just my personal reason, but I'd love to war more, I enjoy PvP and osw :)

    Thanks for asking our input
  8. The times are terrible for those of us that work 10-12 hours a day. How about a 2000hrs EST.
  9. Dont war cuz
    -eb fairies casting
    -rewards for loser team
    -no eq reward for war lb
    -moles, bots and multicasting
    -too overpowered equipment
    -->too many noobs with turtle builds
    -nobody good casting for war anymore
  10. I miss old clan v clan ee. Good times. Anyway, whenever upgrades started to cost trils per level, during events id have like 3-8tril out and it has prevented me from warring several times. But if you war youre probably going for top500/100/50/10 for the rewards and if you dont war you dont care about it. Banking is a minimal issue.
  11. I war baby
  12. No real punishment for throwing wars.
    Open PS.
    One hitter quitters.
    Event items are given to losing team.

    Stagnant war types
    You either get classic Indi or random Lowlands.rinse and repeat strats.

    Mithril is useless.

    And FFA clans.

    I'm sure there is more but these are the things that have killed my desire to war.
  13. As an Extremist Turtle, all I do is PvP weekends and events/legends.

    With my build its my only income, and way more fun than smacking an epic battle.
  14. 1- war isn't rewarding at all in comparison to Mithril equipments days

    2- No proper wars event that takes people off hitting EBs

    3- No proper method for warriors to grow via wars (war tax pooling & distribution)

    4- No proper management by Devs over wars violations

    5- the exclusion of PC players from all new LEGENDs
  15. @ OP

    All issues have been reported 100s of times to Devs via email/feedback/forums And no response was there.. I hope u can affect their decisions regarding this.. but u gotta excuse our big doubts about Devs performance
  16. I used to war some time ago but nowadays the lack of balance, lack of rewards, lack of loyalty, lack of ability to control bots & lack of creative & wise development in that area don't really do much for me lol
  17. So many things wrong with war now, it's hard to know where to start. Bots, moles, and too many individual awards are the start. Here's three fixes that would at least make it decent again.
    1 No reward for loser unless they make half the plunder of the winner. You don't have to win to get items, but you have to work as a team.
    2.Bring back primal, round, and advantage. Weekend wars could be sign up, and find out which type at lock. Hard to stack for 3 different war types.
    3.Factor equip into lowland match ups. With no bfe, the average starting player has a horrible Indy experience vs vets with equip, and quits.
  18. I think if they just made warring more rewarding with more variety the war scene would increase drastically.

    Also if they just added something where your not allowed to attack a player within like 0.5 seconds of your last attack or whatever the number would need to be you could nearly eliminate botting. They could still make bots just not nearly as fast.
  19. I do enjoy Indy Wars.

    • ATA needs to up the rewards.
    • More individual rewards (for the times when half of your team go to sleep, which is pretty much every other match)
  20. I warred season 1 and 2 and I have never since because other games are just so much better.