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  1. Just looking for answers to why warriors don't War as much, or as why those that don't just don't. The wars I'm speaking of are the system setup estoc edge wars, not osw.

    I'm curious, do those that do but not as much perhaps due to needing to bank gold before war? I know as of late some of us warriors can have trillions out and not wanting to bank and lose gold or even bank in allies with the market op. Does banking before war cause those that don't War from warring? I'm just curious to know for those that do and not as often as they like why they don't and for those that don't... well why you don't.

    Thank you in advance for those that answer, I'm just trying to collect data from the playerbase on improving the war experience and system. :)
  2. No

    -GRIZZY- for VK
  3. I asked for reasons not one word posts & posting VK requests. This is a legit thread for collecting info enough said.
  4. because the warring is utterly crap, bring back normal wars man.
  5. Thank you for your post if others feel it's crap please give details I want to know what's keeping you from wanting to participate. :)
  6. I used to do EE wars

    A good crew is needed and my last crew fell apart

    Indi people just complain if they see me and no one want to command or track

    I guess I don't war anymore because the need for war commanders and tracking

    Without commander or tracker

    If tracking was built in to the game so we don't need third party apps to war, that might be huge improvement

    I guess the point is, war commander and tracker are required and without them it's really pointless

    We need a war system that does not require a special class of really pompous jerks who demands you kiss their butts or they won't help win

    That pretty much ruins it for me

    Once you fall out with one noob they just throw and then blame you for the loss

    Everyone seems to be on board with blaming one guy for not sucking up to the tracker or war commander

    I just want to war without the bull crap

    But there is no system for that

    So noobs get to basically hold hostage any chance of winning just because they feel like it in the moment

    Development tangent: Maybe if the devs actually teach people how to play, that might make it fun again

    I been playing idk four or five years I still don't know how to play I got a hundred questions that devs won't answer, do they even know how to play? we see they don't play they're all statless noobs,

    How can we trust the guy who says you get 1.3% of ally Cs bonus from your ally to your stats, how does he know? How does anyone know? This game is supposed to be for 10 year old kids

    And there is zero coming from developers about what these numbers even mean, what does bonus to allies mean, do my allies get a bonus from my build? If so how much? What does bonus from allies means, do I get bonus from my allies? If so how much?

    Total silence from devs... we have to put faith in Internet trolls to tell us what this means, I have no idea how this game works after all these years

    Seriously have you played the tutorial?

    Press this press that, for no other reason than to get thru it (tutorial)

    I have been known to volley a noob and if they follow me I'll tell them how to play, this should not be needed

    If they listen I'll keep working with them to help them get to understand why you need to invest in allies, why you need to do the things you do

    Is pretty difficult to explain max plunder to a person who just started 2 hours ago and can't even find clan chat they only want to grow

    They could eliminate tracking in a second just having red light yellow light green light on war roster, you know that glow you get when you cast mithril spell

    If it was changed to red, yellow, or green, depending on if they're koed, window, or up

    Where at a glance instantly you could see what state they're in would eliminate tracking with one update

    Boom, simple solution to massive problem

    If the game don't work without a third party application, what are we even doing here?
  7. I'll be honest, I solely war for EE bonus and event drops. Unless I drop cash and make it into an event clan there's no way I'm making any more than low tier rewards. I have hesitated from participating on multiple occasions due to inefficient banking. It doesn't sound like much, but for my size losing 25 % of a trillion is enough for 2 building upgrades. Also I've run into a few click bots in EE wars and that just sucks the fun out of it.
  8. Must of missed the no to one word answer in the original post, so so so sorry for missing that oh titan god:

    No I don't war, only OSW
  9. One of the oldest things I can think of is swapping LL builds. Its a real pain. Id do more LL if there were a sell all button.

    Or, better yet, just give players the option to select one of four builds when doing LL wars: Hybrid, PS/PS1,OR custom. Custom being the stats you have from your current LL buildings. Hyb being I cant remember the normal set up that makes a hyb, something like 4 sos 4 adt with 16 coe. Whatever LL warriors decide a hyb is. And PS/PS1 just being all spy buildings or all all spy 1 coe.

    When you choose the build, it just sets your stats to said build and no need to screw with your LL ever again.. Also maybe charge players the equivalent gold cost of 24 T3 LL buildings when using this function. (custom being free, that way players who war the same build or want to use their own aren't forced into paying gold for a build they already are or want to use something different)

    Besides just adding much needed simplicity to the game, it will drastically help new players learn what build they might like best. e.g. they can play a hybrid one war a PS the next and get an idea of each builds mechanics/pros/cons when in play against an equal sized opponent.

    EDIT: Just thought a bit more about this, adding simplicity to LL wars is really not the main reason I suggest this. I think it'd really give new players a better understanding of the game and thus give more appeal to the game. Nothing against KaW, but devs need to start taking into account they own one of the oldest thriving (multiplayer) apps on the app store. Anything at all that lowers the steep learning curve of PvP mechanics for new players would be good for this game.
  10. I must say I'm very pleased with the responses so far and they all having heavy weighing credit to the current system that needs revamped. Please keep your responses coming they're better than I intended to receive and I thank you all deeply for your time posting here.
  11. The ee plunder bonuses aren't actually what they represent - only about half (see my thread from a couple months back where I demonstrated this with math but was utterly ignored).

    Too much RL cost for a marginal benefit. Plus indi is a crapshoot, LL is pointless and dominated by professionals who may or may not have technology assistance.
  12. Support

    To many bots op.
  13. I fully agree with x__x on the first page, until the Dev rant in the middle .

    I used to war with a tight knit group, then the war styles kept changing until all clan loyalty was destroyed.

    Definitely the computer advantage makes warring not fun.
    Mechanics that allow players with ZERO Attack pots having a speed advantage over someone WITH pots

    But most of all, after warring with the best, most out there are just terrible to spend two hours of my life with.

    Then there's the cheaters and distractors. Just a waste of time I could be washing my hair with.

    The biggest problem of the game is ITS A CHOICE to war. A real war game REVOLVES AROUND war.
  14. Not gonna say bots but-
    When you get hundreds of hits and you're down literally 1 sec after war starts
  15. To be completely honest, I quit a couple years ago because of the route this game is going. I spent countless hours wc-ing in s5 to get top 10. All this work for the mith and eq to just have my eq become irrelevant to eb events that happened shortly after s5 ended. The work isn't worth it at all in my opinion. I've been out of the loop since I quit so I'm not sure if it's changed much recently but to me it looks the same. I've warred once recently and immediately sensed a difference in my performance. Obviously I was rusty but my eq that once made me a solid tank wasn't enough to stop anything even when I was the top half of the roster (and yes I have a lot of adt/sdt for my bracket). But the newest eb event eq demolishes older ee eq. So this led to me wanting to build more but since these new ebs have come out, I can't even get into clans to hit these ebs. War stunts growth unless u pay for premium items which some of us can't do. It's understandable that if u pay for items it should give advantages but at this point I feel like everything is p2w now. I'd like to see the devs at least working for improvements with all this seal/zta money. They could at least be advertising or working on better war tutorials.
  17. Banking before is definitely a pain too since you lose gold when withdrawing it. This can negatively impact build growth too if they're trying to war every day. More specifically about war, it can be confusing if you're trying to learn. I remember when I first tried I would get flamed for not knowing what to do. First timers don't always know they should be actively warring on their device for that hour fully too. Some will plunder at start then leave for a hour and leak hard. When it comes to commanding positions like wc and tracker, it's very tough to learn and comes from experience. I personally wasn't a tracker but I knew there were systems or ways to do it easier. With wc-ing it comes from mainly experience and knowing how builds work and such. You can teach someone how to wc but u can't teach them how to be a GOOD wc until they try themselves a few times. Wcing is also frustrating if you have a team that doesn't cooperate or newbies who don't understand terms. Basically people don't want to do either roles because there's no extra incentive that's worth the struggle. Which also causes people to not want to learn how to wc/track.
  18. And then some people don't want to war cause there may be no wc/tracker and just lead to chaos in cc that results in a loss
  19. I think x_x made a great response. In addition I want to add:

    I used to do ee, and I loved the re plunder bonus from winning, but I have stopped doing so for a couple of reasons.

    1. I hated towers killing my plunder in ebs, the ee bonus basically cancelled out the negative of towers.
    2. I can't dedicate 3 hours at a time (1 to prepare and 2 to fight). That's a lot to ask of someone who has a real life to think about.
    3. There are now so many types of wars and crazy rules, I have no idea what any of it means. And as x_x mentioned, I shouldn't have to ask someone what to do, and if I do ask, no one would want me on their team.
  20. I war. Once a year, usually sometime in July :)