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  1. On current moderaters page you spelled their as "thier" easy fix.
  2. [​IMG]
  3. Thank you for pointing that out, as most content in the site is done by HTML input I don't run spell correction software. It has been fixed and do appreciate that being pointed out :)
  4. You imply you don't need a clan for ee wars which is not the case. You need a clan for LL or you get stuck in forever losing ffa wars.

    Edit: Should also add a calculator where you add your stats/bfa/bfe and it converts it to raw stats. But thats just to save time.
  5. I also noticed that under spy build in new introduction you have it saying "The biggest downfall is players can attack you till you have zg out." The real biggest downside to a pure spy build is you make crap off ebs.
  6. Thank you for pointing that out, that's a mistype that should read "you don't necessarily need a clan" being you have lowlands which you do and indi which you don't. That will be fixed here shortly.
  7. That is true also but from experience for me and those I know majority of ps builds pvp rather than pve for gold accumulation.
  8. Amazed how good this is.
  9. Yes they do but the lack of a decent payout it wouldn't be advised and most people i know that run ps always have the elven temple at least for gold from eb's.
  10. I agree as well, I'll insert the info on the payout as additional information to make that clear on this build type.
  11. Such a neat guide. Thank you.
  12. Omg thank you so.much for this...now I don't feel have to feel like an idiot in clan chat asking what item to use. This truly is a complete guide. Let me know if app version of it exists
  13. Look at this, look at this!! Oh my goodness look at this you are something else. Trying so hard to become a valiant knight. Damn you are something else.
  14. Actually I'm not trying to be a valiant knight lol I need no recognition for what I do to try to help the community.

    With that said, the epic battles portion of the Guides under pve should be completed soon and I do apologize as there was a merge issue on the server and have been very busy keeping me from getting that fixed. Also the new legends and deepmine lands will be added by this weekend. :)
  15. The app version does not yet exist, but do plan on hopefully releasing the app sometime this year. It will be for iOS at first cause I don't know android lol but android will come soon after.
  16. Rip keeping it updated

    Nice making it overall
  17. Wow very nice guide, looks great!
    Amazingly done Titan!
  18. Thank you Shadow I do plan on having everything up to date by hopefully this weekend including the new content like legends and crestplates and lands and of course the pve Guides have been worked on like no tomorrow so should also be complete by this weekend :)
  19. Is site shut down? Won't load on browser