❰ Buildings & Lands ❱

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  1. ❰ Buildings & Lands ❱

    Hello, and welcome to this guide.

    This guide is an updated version of Wulf's guide to buildings and lands. The guide include the cost of all the lands, building stats along with the selling and buying prices. If you have any questions or feedback, feel free to ask them on my wall or here in this forum thread.

    A huge thanks to Neonnq and their SpreadSheet. Without that information, this guide could not have been made.

    Use the Table of Contents below to navigate through the guide.

    Guide to Building Tokens
    Created by -SS-Thrawn-SS-

  2. Table of Contents

    Table of Contents
    Use the links below.
  3. Troop Buildings

    Troop Buildings [ ]

    ➩ Tier 1 Buildings

    ➩ Tier 2 Buildings

    ➩ Tier 3 Buildings

    ➩ Tier 4 Buildings

    ➩ Tier 5 Buildings

    ➩ Tier 6 Buildings

    ➩ Tier 7 Buildings
    ➩ Tier 8 Buildings

    ➩ Tier 9 Buildings
  4. Thank you for reading the guide, I hope you enjoyed it! :)
  5. Lands

  6. Lowlands

  7. Highlands

  8. Hoarfrost

  9. The Abyss

    The Abyss
  10. Osmon Rai

    Osmon Rai
  11. Deepmine

  12. Lands

  13. Lands