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  1. I would imagine Eden looked something like this back in the day after the apple was eaten.

  2. This would have been after a few centuries and electric of course......but still Eden

    Excuse me please, can you pass the syrup?

  3. I wouldn't mind paying child support to those two
  4. Is that a clan name not to use??? Or just an observation
  5. Yea it's a clan name alright
  6. Ha ha the joke is in your mirror
  7.  so funny!!
  8. Ty for putting Wingless Angles
  9. French and Furious

    -mrs Miggins pie-

    Valentines Rehab
  10. We are Rouge

    Sins of Sparta
  11. Deleted because I cannot figure a way to put it that won't most likely result in a ban
  12. That was pretty good
  13. R E T I R E B U T T O N
  14. Cruisewriter
  15. Lol Ashes Of Eden, I see what you did there
  16. Thanks!
  17. :lol:
  18. Haha! I lolled at Kodiak Alliance of Freedom Wheaties... Then scrolled through the thread to find where I posted... And discovered that I was the one who posted that in the first place.

    Good to know past me still gets present me.