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  1. Lounge Of Leggings
  2. To my buddy Warlord at The Dark Tributes..

    The Dark Tree Pubes
  3. Spartan Fiber...because they will make everyone run
  4. How's TurdBurglars for butt hurt runners.
  5. Women Don't Give Apples (for) Free
  6. :lol:
  7. Fake thunder buddies :lol:
  8. Haha, Ashes too funny
  9. .Alphalfa.
    Disney's Shed
  10. Lol number 3 didnt make it to the board
  11. Hmmm warriors of ancient rastas....
  12. After 74 pages, I can't remember if this was already said.......don't use the clan name "asses in Eden". Way too many men would think it's some other form of entertainment besides a kaw clan
  13. Snake.. Check

    Apple.. Check

    Asses.. Cheek! (I mean Check!)
  14. I think my comment a few above may just be the page one's new replacement.

    Not that im bias or anything.

    Err hmm... "Thong"ology