❄️ Winter War Tournament 2018 - Guess the Winners! ❄️

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  1. - icy infantry - had the lowest margin of victory. they will be disbanded. so those betting them. try again
  2. Cold Cavalry
  3. No, it wasn’t. Can u do mathz?

    Edit**** has your guys plunder reupdated?
    Earlier it was lower.
    Now you have more.
  4. Winter warriors should be in that list.
  5. Uh yes it was you might wanna check again lol
  6. Updated the list now - sorry for all the confusion guys!
  7. Winter warriors (No biased)
  8. Semifinals : Polar pikemen
  9. Cold Cavalry
  10. -Winter Warriors-
  11. Polar Pikemen
  12. They broke the wrong clan up

  13. UPDATE!

    There has been some confusion about which clans are in the Semifinals. Now we have the final list of which clans are warring the next round:

    - Frigid Footmen -

    - Polar Pikemen -

    - Icy Infantry -

    - Cold Cavalry -

    All the players that so far have guessed on the clan - Winter Warriors - will now get a new chance to make a guess. Those players are:


    Keep the guesses coming - a little less than 18 hours left till you can't guess for this round!

  14. Icy Infantry to win, again. 
  15. Why was it switched again if our difference was higher than theirs