❄️ Winter War Tournament 2018 - Guess the Winners! ❄️

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  1. Hello dear KaWmunity, and welcome to this thread!

    Finally, the time has come for the Winter War Tournament 2018 (read more about that in this thread)! As we did during the ASW this year, I thought we again could have the competition where you can try to guess the (or one of the) winner(s) of each of the three rounds. You may even win a prize! :D

    The rules and the prizes will be explained and shown below.

    Throughout the whole Winter Tournament weekend you will have a total of 3 guesses, one for each round. Each guess has to be made before the respective round starts. Any guesses made outside of that time period will not be counted. These are the times that you can guess on the team you think will win that round:

    Preliminaries: December 13th, 11:00 AM - December 14th, 12:00 AM (PDT)
    Semifinals: December 14th, 01:00 PM - December 15th, 11:00 AM (PDT)
    Finals: December 15th, 01:00 PM - December 16th, 11:00 AM (PDT)

    You may only guess on one team each round. Out of those who made a correct guess, 5 players will be randomly chosen and given a prize in each round.

    Edited posts will not be counted. There's only one guess each round per player (guesses made by alts will not count).

    If you've any questions or anything seemed unclear, please let me know! :)

    Now, let's move on to the prizes...

    Have fun, enjoy, and best of luck to all the guessers! ;)

    As the results from the wars come in, and the players that made a correct guess have been randomly chosen, the winners of this competition will be shown here.

    Preliminaries: Original_Belladonna, Kells
    Aeg0nTargaryen, lIl-X-lIBIlElIAIlRlIDIl-X-lIl, Anub1s

    Semifinals: David_Anderson, Smiiiiiiiishy, Reserva, TianYing, W32xEagle
    Finals: romain0841, -_-IP_RosielCrow_IP-_-, Pogoo, llSllPll-LetHaL_RK-llSllPll, Watchmee

    Congratulations to the winners! :)

  2. I will win every round on my own. :) gimme prizes
  3. How u gonna give people cruxes
  4. Only winners are the Devs. Thought there were going to be special rewards ! Wtf are giving - not even full xtals back to winners and a sword with less power than a tri-gem stat. It’s no wonder people don’t War much anymore.
  5. We don't know rosters atm to bet on.
  6. Once we see what clan the main account is in...I'll make my bet
  7. Health crystals also get returned after each individual war based on the players actions. The sword is actually a piece of furniture between level 1 to 8 depending on what position the player finishes in.
  8. I have to agree, the deepmine tokens are nice and the xtrals are ok, but the furniture at the end of the day has less stats than a single event charm.
  9. Why are there no achievements and banners being released?
  10. It's a throne side. Not even better stats.
  11. I take any rewards thanks devs. Please put me on winning side so easy for me to guess thanks
  12. The winners? .. My guess is mostly mains.
  13. The rewards should be like the asw throne, a throne with better stats. This sidethrone should have been higher stats than other sidethrones, the deepmine tokens were good but the big reward was a letdown. 400 people will have the sidethrone so it wont be rare. Should have been a nice winter themed pet with better stats than others.
  14. I like the effort for the war but agree prizes are a bit cheap for the effort involved. I’d get better reward for trying for top 50 of event. ??
  15. The prizes are garbage. Lol
  16. So I think the previous concerns are valid. However if they do these tournaments seasonally, or monthly then I think the rewards are justified
  17. First round Snowy Soldiers, yes I’m being bias 