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  1. A few words first

    Hi and welcome!

    First I would like to apologize in advance for the lack of BB code/forum skills, it has been a while.

    Now let's get to the point, I'll try keep this short since it's really simple.

    The Idea

    The Buttercup Pub is currently looking for members but not just perms, we're looking for all of you. We would like to make the clan as transparent and democratic as we can. Which means voting will be involved in steering the course of the clan. This will happen through the third-party app called LINE and is open for all to join.

    We basically want to let everyone participate in voting as long as players will join the clan when needed or just to get the EB going. We expect people who vote to do this honestly and in the best interest of the clan. The clan will be maintained by a set group of admins but these can be removed / added by votes. Decisions still lay with the admins but we are aiming to follow the majority of the votes.

    What is needed right now

    Since we're such a new clan and we're still unlocking ebs it'll be hard to push this system forward immediately so please be patient. We do need more members and a stable basis to achieve our goal.

    All help is highly appreciated and we are confident that this new kind of clan will be successful.

    Thank you for your time!

    * Rules on voting will be in the notes section of the group chat on LINE
  2. What is it you don't understand? I'd gladly explain it more to you
  3. Nice idea. However, unfortunately democracies don’t work on KAW. Never will. Sorry, dude.
  4. Thank you :) I'm hoping it somehow will work :) otherwise I'll just convert the clan into a regular one.
  5. In all my years of wandering I have NEVER come across a “regular” clan!

    My vote would be for a daily hits to BL list and at least 1 wall or admin complaint a day to remain in clan based model

  6. [KaWmunism Intensifies]
  7. You’re violating the ToU by mentioning a 3rd party app in this post.

  8. You still have admins that take the members opinion into consideration yet they still make the final decision? You just described every clan in kaw.
  9. Well I actually want to give members the most power but if needed admins can step up and steer things in the right way. But that's only when it's really needed.
  10. I don't understand
  11. Whoa your clan has twice the membership as mine!

    Sorry this looked like a train wreck from the start. People primarily care about growth and a new clan runs small EBs.

    People next care about CC and protection. Small clans lack both.

    Good luck though