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  1. I decided not to put these in here as they're pretty common throughout kaw, and not specifically ee. However, I will add them because you mentioned it I guess.
  2. Why did you mass bump stickied threads...

  3. Beat me to it
  4. People don't know that these threads exist regardless whether or not they're in the guides section, so it helps to bump it into AT for new users.
  5. Zt,zs are definitely important as per EE is concerned.And some things like overxtend,swarm could be added.Nice effort.
  6. Is there a link or something for anyone that wants to track in wars for pc?
  7. ZS is common throughout KaW lmao
  8. Search up tracker in forums( havent downloaded in a long time but its by some vk whose name i cant remember)
  9. Ty, maybe this will help all the peanut brains understand red and weak is not the same thing.
  10. Re: EE War Guide

  11. Bump .
    I would like to put a thought up for consideration regarding indi wars.
    When casting or entering indi optional tabs to become available eg. Experianced wc and one for abilty to track.
    This comes on the back of a slaughter the clan i was put in had neither although the top rank did step up to the plate and had ago.
    In reality though ive seen so many builds that should never enter ee and what appear to be deliberate leaks and moles the question is can indi be taken seriously ? .
  12. That was really hard to read...
    But it can be: at higher brackets
  13. DTW is another word for down?
    Thought is no troops.
  14. Defender to Weak or cannot hit due to hit mechanics.
  15. Nice to see a war thread.wars becoming a lost art in kaw.

    Thnx for the effort.
  16. Does this guide mention that health crystals immediately bring u out of KO status? Ive warred for about 2 months and didnt know this. Some other noobies may not as well
  17. Dont confuse DTW with being KO'ed though.. When someone says another player is "down", that should always mean KO'ed. A player can be DTW and still up, e.g. a tank can have no troops but still have spies and a PS (should) not have gold out thus always be DTW to attack even though they aren't KOed.