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  1. [title=gray+white]WAR[/title]

    [title=gray+white]KaW Edition

    A list of common terms and phrases are at the bottom of the post.

    [title=gray+white]EE Wars[/title]

    EE wars (Estocs Edge) is the developers attempt at making a scheduled systemized version of war that provides players with the fun of PvP, and also giving players the chance to earn rewards, like Mithril, or equipment during events and seasons.

    [title=gray+white]Starting Out[/title]

    To a new player, this system is pretty confusing. So, here's the basics:

    War Types

    Within KaW, players may currently participate in Lowland Wars, or Individual Wars. Both war types are pretty fair, and offer different styles of play.

    Lowland wars are based solely on your lowlands, and the buildings you have on them. Your BFA/BFE are taken into account, however, the bonuses you get are different from what you'd get in an individual war. Based on the strength of your BFA/BFE, it increases your buildings stats by a certain percentage. Items like potions and Mithril are disabled for these wars, so it's kind of a waste to have them.

    The only war type for lowland wars at the moment is random. When a player is knocked out, they're knocked out for a random time between 5 and 10 minutes.

    Individual wars take your whole build into account, as well as BFA/BFE. You are matched against a team of equal strength, and then you fight it out. Potions and Mithril are enabled, so pot up scrubs.

    The only war type currently available for individual wars is classic. When a player is knocked out, they are knocked out for 10 minutes.

    [title=gray+white]How to War[/title]

    Now here's the tricky part when you're learning, how to cast for war.

    For starters, it's nice to be sure you have enough gold to afford 14 Mithril for the basic attack and spy attack spells. If you're casting as a pure spy, you'll need more to hide your allies. Please, for the love of all that is good in life, hide your allies before you cast for war.

    If you're doing an individual war, you'll want to leave your clan, and cast wave of conflict (under the alchemist tab)

    It looks like that ^

    After this, you're all set. Just wait for a match. You'll be placed into a clan, and then once both clans are full, you'll be given roughly an hour to prepare for war.

    Lowland wars are clan wars, which means you'll need enough people to cast wave of conflict inside your clan to fill a roster (typically 15 people). From then, you'll be matched and given some time to prepare for war.

    [title=gray+white]During War[/title]

    The start of war is always pretty hectic. Everyone's probably gonna be asking who WC and tracker are. Once everyone decides on a WC and tracker, the WC is going to start setting up their strat. During this time, you can just sit back and relax.

    Most people will probably do a roll call at around 20 minutes. The WC will brief everyone at around 10-15 minutes. When the WC briefs you, he's telling you guys who to hit and if he has teams, what team you're on. WC will probably call you by clan rank, so know which one you are.

    If you don't think you'll be able to remember your targets, I always put them in my ally chat, because no one ever talks there :( it's a good place to put info you might need later.


    You'll receive a number of things at the end of war.

    Event Items
    If there's an event going on, you'll probably receive event items that you can use to get better rewards at the end of it.

    You can use this to cast more spells, or by Mithril exclusive equipment. The best items cost the most, so you'll be saving for a while. Click here to see a list of equipment you can buy.

    Health Crystals
    If you used a health crystal, there's a chance you'll get if back. There's an even greater chance of you won the war.

    Estocs Edge
    This is a spell given if you won the war. It gives you a nice plunder boost. For every war won, you gain a level, and for every war lost, you lose a level. The spell lasts for two weeks and refreshes every time you war. There are 5 levels.
    • Level 1: 25%
    • Level 2: 35%
    • Level 3: 42%
    • Level 4: 47%
    • Level 5: 50%

    [title=gray+white]Common Terms/Phrases[/title]
    Its been a while since I've warred, so if you feel like I missed some phrases that should be added, please wall/pm me and I'll be sure to add them in.

    Mith: Mithril, used to cast spells. Purchased in the alchemist.

    Clear/cleared: absolutely zero gold. PS (and hybrids in LL war) should be cleared before being matched for war. (They should also hide their allies before war) All other builds should get as close to 0 gold as possible.

    WC: War Commander - your leader, general, strategist etc. This person leads you in war, they develop a strategy and it is your job as a clan mate to follow their strategy.

    Tracker: This person tracks who's up, down, in window, and how much longer until everyone is up again.

    Up: out of KO (Knock out, when a player's troops and spies are completely zeroed)

    Down: Opposite of up, a player is knocked out.

    SKO: Self Knock Out, when a player knocks themselves out. You must use the last of your troops/spies with an action. Plunder lost is significantly less than if and enemy knocks you out.

    DTW: Typically referred to as a player too small to hit, however in EE this is disabled, so DTW is typically used as another word for down.

    Window: In certain wars, there are times where players may or may not be up. This area is called the window. For example: in a random war, a players knock out can last anywhere from 5 to 10 minutes. This 5-10 minute time is called the window, when a player may be up.

    Red: An enemy who has knocked out an ally and has not been KO'd or SKO'd.

    ADP: Attack defense potions

    SDP: Spy defense potions

    AP (?) : Attack potions

    SAP (?) : Spy attack potions

    SDT: Spy defense towers

    ADT: Attack defense towers

    ZT: zero troops

    ZS: zero spies

    A huge credit goes to Mikezilla's old guide, you can find it here.
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    Great guide but there's alot of terms you could maybe make people aware of too?

    OE - over extended (opposition)
    Oppo - opposition (once had people asking me what "oppo" meant.)
    Rip - ya got ko'd like a tool
    Swarm (usually only in LL 5 assas, 3 attk depending on build)
    Scrub - ya can't war so don't.
    Ghost - xtal when being swarmed so oppo waste valuable spies/troops on you. You act as a meat sheild until they question wth am I failing on this nub and give up.

    Some serious (swarm, OE, oppo) which ever. But some war newbies need that info^
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  19. EE is useless now until devs make new war equipment
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