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  1. Moderators are in-game volunteers who represent the KaW community to the developers, and also the developers to the community. They monitor and report minor bugs, in-game issues, educate players, and moderate forums and public chat channels like world chat and walls. For further information regarding posting etiquette in KaW refer to the Silencing Guidelines. Use the quick links below to contact a moderator with any in-game question, comment, or complaint.

    Valiant Knights are stand-out individuals in the community, who have been singled out by the developers for a variety of reasons. Namely, a user is knighted for being rad, but also for having elite and technical game knowledge, or for being helpful and positive community influences.
    See Moody's thread, “Who/What are the Valiant Knights” to learn more about the individual stories of the Valiant Knights.

    If I have missed anyone, please let me know so I can keep this list as up to date as possible. This is a repost of Daphnia’s thread, all credit should go to her
  2. Hey Moody! Nice thread! Its always good to see these things updated and kept current! Now.... can you do something about the starting tutorial? ;)
  3. Have tweaked and changed it all. My changes weren’t as thorough as they should’ve been from daph’s original

    Thanks for the catch!
  4. Cheers for the repost Moody, I love keeping up to date :D used to check this post all the time! Surprised to see so many mods still here, must miss a few of them in WC! Its good to see so many VKs too, it would be class to have more VK promotions some time as well :)
  5. Not a bad idea. If you have someone in mind you could probably send a recommendation in for consideration?
  6. Hows moody a mod and a knight?
  7. Mango isn't Mango anymore and no longer a knight.
  8. Alot of them are. Which makes sense. They probably should fit both descriptors.
  9. I mean shouldn a mod have the qualities of a knight? I would think it goes hand in hand without the title.
  10. Still confused how UPC is still VK considering he’s been inactive longer than I have. And I have been inactive for YEARS. Like fr..
  11. Please change game name to KAE, Kingdoms at Event & Eb.

    So new players will not be confused and we can guide them to this wonderful game properly
  12. I have to agree. Some new Knights would be rather nice, it'll help show the players there are rewards for being nice, helpful, and having general knowledge of the game!
  13. Edit April 3rd 2018
    Addition of 4 new moderators:
  14. *4 useless moderators

  15. Thats slightly unfair... i just need to workout what im useful for i am Sure i have my strengths. If you ever need anything shoot me a pm.
  16. Bach always so negative just be happy for once. Congrats to the new mods hope you all do well
  17. What do we need 4 more for? The devs finally realized the others weren’t doing their job ?
  18. Rip
  19. Ded