⚔️Equipment Pre-Set⚔️ Action Ready for any purpose

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  1. Hello Kawers,
    Hope we all are having a great day .

    With events every 10-14 days so many equipments are now converted into charms. After seeing a skew in stats those equipments offered, I found myself wanting to keep some equipment for a situation. That’s when I remembered a game I used to play (game shall not be named lol) used to offer Equipment presets.

    Have 5 Equipment presets made available to players (or maybe be purchasable through nob store).

    Preset 1: for troop attack- this preset contains all the best equipment for troop attack on opponent.

    Preset 2: for troop defense- this preset contains the best equipment to absorb hits and then equip preset 1 to counter the opponent.

    Preset 3: spy attack - this preset contains best spy attack stats and the same for spy defense.

    Hope this helps me paint a clear picture of the idea.

    Hope it’s an idea easy to incorporate in the game.

    Thank you.
  2. Involves devs doing something. Unrealistic suggestion. No support.
  3. This is like really hot.
  4. Terrible idea, this makes it so people have to use less maths. The last thing we want are people that can't count to 100 being in the top 100.
  5. I think you don’t understand the idea.........
  6. Support cannot outpower the events BFE. But in the range of 80-90% from event should be good. Cannot transmute to charm
  7. I play other games where this is the case...it’s not a bad idea. But as someone pointed out, it involves the devs doing more than counting dolla dolla bills y’all!
  8. Id support a variations of that where there are two seperate equip sets one that applies too all attacks , one that applies to all defenses
  9. Yessss support! This would also create more of a challenge for players to work on getting aqua and inferno and transmuting equipment.
  10. Equipment is so irrelevant it's not even funny. 90% of the player base have the same equipment.
  11. What the points when charms are so much more overwhelmingly powerful when amassed? I mean, the concept is good. In most games this would work. But as of right now amassing charms is the most effective way of countering anything.
  12. Sad but true. Any balance that was left in this game has been broken by the charm-issue.
  13. “Game that shall not be named” = Diablo 3 lol
  14. For me it was “game of war fire age”. That was a money pit game lol.

    I would love to have this feature. Will add value for players who participate in wars.
  15. Was this game runescape?