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  1. Why can't the devs ever do anything right. So many ppl still with no update.
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  2. Rewards are crap. Still not worth doing PVP.
  3. 👀
  4. Well it's not worth using xtals like I did to finiish 4th.not happening again
  5. Ok….that’s good to hear. While you’re at it, can you revamp the entire reward system? Especially PVP? The amount of effort needed vs the reward is way unbalanced. But thanks for making an effort.🤘🏽✌🏾
  6. It would have been nice to have the update by now. At this rate, the competition will finish and some of us won't receive anything.
  7. Still waiting on the update as well, keep hearing it'll roll out soon in the app store but nothing. Don't want to push as hard for the event if I don't know where I am in it or anything about it without the update 😂
  8. smh is this even kaw anymore? 😂
  9. The amount of people that don’t read is hilarious 🤣
  10. Anyway, love how quickly y’all brought this live after beta! Excited to see what the competitions look like after the “intro” ones. :)
  11. Any timeline for the Android update on Google Play? Competition update is still not available today.
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  12. Competitions….. good way to monitor players that pretty much active every single hour of the day and to those who using crystals a lot lol…please make LB rewards up to Top 10 atleast, ty!
  13. Why can't I get competition???
  14. Still no Google Update for Android users. Is ATA going to pay reward levels retroactively for the delay to Android users? Is anyone from ATA able to provide some kind of response for Android users asking?
  15. Greetings Warriors,
    I understand lot's of folks still have not been able to receive the Android Update.
    The reason Android gradually releases updates like this is to ensure that if there is anything wrong, or crashes spike/bugs come up, that we can address it before the update goes to everyone and the problem gets worse.

    This means that sometimes, when the update is small and there are few issues, it releases to everyone really quick!
    But also when there are bigger updates, we are more likely to run into issues (and have caught some this go round), which means the release takes a bit longer.

    We are actively working to get this working smooth and released for everyone, hence why the rewards are still pretty basic, so that folks aren't missing out on much if they haven't received the update yet.

    We appreciate everyone's patience while we work to get you all the new update!
  16. Been a week or so since the update has been out I believe, still nothing here 😂
  17. So everyone that hasn't received the update will automatically be given everything we've missed out on?
  18. So to understand this correctly, iOS (Apple) all received the update instantly but Android is taking a slow measured release to effectively ensure all bugs are ironed out before all users can update it simultaneously?

    ATA decided this or the 2 major platforms m
    So to confirm what you're telling us is that iOS release was instant to everyone because no issues will occur to that platform BUT Android users are getting the update on a cautionary release because you anticipate issues to be resolved?

    Wouldn't the beta test have exposed issues and if not, then why release it at all? Why does iOS Apple not have this release issue?

    Is this an ATA decision or the Google Play/Apple Apps choice?
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  19. Dam devs get off you buts fix this update been about a week already geeesh it's pathetic I want my dam update
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  20. I beta tested and was very disappointed they never tried new war mechanics, matching, etc.
    This competition idea is simply a lazy regurgitaion of side events that requires extra xtal use and encourages farming. Fix the war system!!
    What has actually improved in this game the last 5 years 🤔