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Discussion in 'Other KaW Discussion' started by -Deadly-, Nov 17, 2012.

  1. @Deady I demand an update. My profile is out of date by years
  2. Fine fine ill do it, its such a pain to manage this though, since everybody always changes their name or wants their stats changed and everything changes constantly and I cry at night thinking about it
  3. A name need not change nor past updated, hence why the Legend never dies.
  4. These words are..... Thank you... You've helped me so much...
  5. This is coming from the person that told me his description needed more substances :|
  6. For the sake of the memories, I have decided to update the forumdex. I have time time today so I will go ahead and do so
  7. i'm still wordwaster.

    i still don't know how to do this "fight" you speak of, nor what those "tips and tricks" you mentioned are.

    i have 0 connections, and i am willing to tolerate just about anything anyone says; as long as it is factually accurate.

    but that's okay. you don't have to update mine. i've never complained about how horribly inaccurate it was, so why bother now?
  8. Still kickin here too
  9. You wouldn't mind changing the colour of Connections, would you? Or I could change all of it for you when I get back to my computer den.
  10. Support. That dark green is illegible on phone. Please, use a brighter green/colour.
  11. Will do, friends :)
  12. Add me please xD
  13. I'm so confused by this lol
  14. Well if you'd read it you would know what it was.

    Note: IGCB has me blocked for some reason, and all I wanted was to say he could grope me..
  15. This is oooooold. But still so cool! Heya deadly :D !!
  16. Most of these folks are long gone now, lot of good memories
  17. wow I know only 2-3 out of the whole list. Another one of the remember-the-has-beens threads
  18. Lil pain, you realise this was written in 2012 right? Of course it's going to be about people who were popular/active then.
  19. still...there are 4 current mods on there. so i am going to go out on a limb and say they were trolling.