♔Ricky Bobby’s Guide to Trading Charms♔

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  1. "Most Nuts: Dare I ask?"... "That's a lot of nuts!"  (Guess the movie the statement is made).

  2. Gonna Amazon my bro some Nair and a weed wacker for dem hairy legs 

  3. Kawllectors Kuizz..

    Name this rare charm..
  4. I need shampoo & conditioner, not Nair & a weed whacker. You must care for the hair!

  6. Ladies and Gentlemen.. Ricky Bobby has just passed the 1000! Charms per hour barrier..

    Like Mike Tyson before the ear biting days, he has consolidated the most Charms and most charm types belts..

    ...but not the most hairy legs..
  7. Congratulations Ricky! Nicely done
  8. I love you Ricky Boby.... Best thread ive read in Months !!!

    NoW give me your moth charms 
  9. How do you trade charms?
  10. You never fail to make me laugh. Great thread mate
  11. Looks like you're all jacked up on Mountain Dew again, Ashes ;-)
  12. -Bunny- is now the official Cat leader..

    Or is that Bat? BatCat?

    Why is a bunny collecting BatCats!?
  13. Why doesn’t KaW have a “Hoarders” series yet? This is getting disgusting. Clean yourself you slobs.
  14. Nothin wrong with being a hoarder
  15. Not a how to guide i see more pointers on how to get the most money
  16. I think I'm in the lead mainly because nobody is silly enough to collect them maybe 
  17. I’ll give you ur furniture for...

    *extreme closeup... pinkie up*


    *Music plays