♔8th Year Badge Retirement - 49 Seal/100+ Horn Contest!♔

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    Cool story Spanky
  2. My best memory from kaw is when i started in 2012 and i had just left Dragons Elite .i saw SF-Grim-DR recruiting so i joined his clan called Grims Warriors .it was a fun clan and then Grim said download palringo he has a room on it. So i did it was the first time i had used palringo.A few days later the eb was almost failing so i paniced and saw that there was a kaw palringo room and wrote can some people come and help with the eb. I remember Dragon was in there and alot of the kaw in-crowd of the time.But i was new so didnt know any of them.They started to say some jokey insults to me and i joked with them back.Then someone asked what clan are you in and what screenname i said Grim Warriors and II_roni_II.
    I went back to kaw thinking great i got some help and the eb will get saved.I went on kaw and my heart dropped i was being farmed by -Dante- i didnt know what to do all i could think of was i brought trouble into the clan. I put mith on and hit Dante back. It was the first time really on kaw that i had to defend myself and i was so scared & a nervous wreck haha. After about half a hour Dante sent me a friend request and said he was impressed and to follow him that he has got a clan for me. I didnt even question it because i thought if i dont follow him then all Grims Warriors would get attacked instead.

    -Dante- took me to A.D.H.D clan and introduced me to Soul and Lala and said to soul found a new member for you and Lala will help me with any advice etc. A.d.h.d were in osw against Ultimate robin hood clan.So i was thrown into osw in the deep end. I didnt have a clue what to do but just hit all buttons till it began to make sense.But Dante bringing me to A.D.H.D clan was what shaped me and put me on a different path on kaw .And if i hadnt met Dante that night .i doubt i would have discovered osw for a long while.
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    Congrats chaos. My favourite moments have been when after 7 years playing I actually have a rank. Lol. I don’t spend much real money on this game. I started the sub clan of the clan family I’m in now. My greatest KaW achievement has come from seeing all the noobs from then become leaders and bigger than I am now and them thanking me for what I taught them and the way we had fun back then.
  4. Not sure this is still an applicable thread....but my fondest memories of KAW has to be shortly after just starting....back when ebs such as haunting seemed hard. I remember being on my device late into the night, using mith and xtals and everything I had available to use along with my clan mates to beat a battle with minutes to spare. That was exciting.
    I also remember a lot of players fondly....many have come and gone. But I remember the chats and the jokes and the good times. I don't chat with people like I used to...and I miss that. I miss them.
    It's the fun and commradery of the players that make the game for me. Realizing the world is larger than your corner of it.
    Realizing that emoji can be used for wall art...
    And getting an honorable mention award in a holiday art contest awhile back. The shout out was my crowning moment.
    I'll stop babbling now :)
  5. I would say when i first started playing i kept building so slow without any event ebs or any event i was so happy after 1 year playing muly lowland build was complete happy as i was came highlands man that was expensive but i kept playing and even more when summer vacation came when i got home from hanging out with my friend i imediatly grabbed my phone and charger and played for hours now al has changed it became weird kawwing but for people who playef 4 years took a few brakes inbetween i find myself doing pretty good and am happy with my stats but you know with the items even if only 1 seal or horn man that would help me get lowclans some money cus my friends started playing too and were beginners so i occaisonally i droo a seal or horn by them i would be happy to get anything thx

    Chaos. Happy kawing and if u ever return tell me something about how i could best do wars with my build


    Bas 
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    My most fond memory of KaW was back in late 2009 in a clan called Zero Cool, a clan with a few BC accounts at the time and we grouped together and went to war with iG who back in the day had the reputation of killing accounts, it went on for just over two months and a fair amount of iG left and neither clan requested CF other than the fact we had iG’s respect and continued on our own paths, unfortunately ours didn’t last until current times.
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    Being told of the old reset bonuses (permanent items) and bricking myself after becoming bc and then just resetting! Was amazed it worked, thought was a very clever way of getting eq bonuses! Never actually seen anything that resembled this since and something completely different in any game I’d played before up to that point!
  8. I'm an 8 year player as well and it's frankly quite hard to choose a single moment as my favorite. Nothing will probably ever beat when they first added clans and I made true friends for the first time. Almost all of those people are gone now, but I will always hold them in memory.
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    When I realized KaW isn’t worth my money.
  10. My favorite moment was meeting you. *cue audience awwws and applause, end scene*
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    My most memorable moment was choosing to participate in the Junior All-Star War (and winning). I believe it was back in when the second dev run All-Star War was going on. The JASW was a community ran tournament, with the only prize being bragging rights. I was on Junior Chaos - winning team - and I still get nostalgia looking at the old wall art on my wall from fellow war-mates and the “Great War” posts from the other clans. The community was so closely knit and friendly back in the peak of KaW.
  12. My best kaw memory was when i started playing it I ask in wc for a volley and I got 174 billion gold which helped me a lot then I joined a clan called Death Inc which I'm still in and I love it and I love this game
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    My favorite memory was when I first downloaded this game on my iPod touch(shows how long I’ve been playing) I was 13 and this was the first strategy game I’d ever downloaded and I instantly loved it. Now I’m back after about 6 years on a new account and the nostalgia is real 
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    I remember starting out 7 years ago with the army of darkness. I was such a noob and asking so many questions. They were incredibly helpful and I ended up making many friends there. Still to this day I keep in touch with a few of them. A few days ago I ran into an old friend outddoorturtle on atas new game Heckfire. We reminisced from the old plunder war days to asking one another if we remembered “so and so”. Amazing how a game can connect people for such long periods of time. I don’t think you will ever “retire”. You’ll always be connected somehow.
  15. My favorite had to of been back when I was in warlor. There are two separate memories, but they're both pretty even on my scale.

    My first had to be the beginning of ee, I first joined warlor because I wanted an ee clan and they seemed to be warring. i joined, i helped recruit and in no time we had one of the longest winning streaks that existed in ee. We got to about 18 straight. This was back when tower builds were a thing, so IMF and co. All had them and they were untouchable. I made a lot of great fam over there, for sure. I stayed there for like 2 years, making a great family and working my way up onto their council, way before they were even an osw clan, they were only considered an ee clan and an eb clan.

    My second has to be iProphet. His huge threats to warlor and his big 43tril strip on black__plague that he did with his smakl forty six and two clan and his army of alts. Then him bantering back and forth with appleseeds and yafi for month(s) lol I don't remember how long tbh, but he acted like he knew so much about bank dealings with regs and all this other stuff.

    But he bantered on for about a month saying the same things over and over until he finally just died out.
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    Favorite moment: getting screwed by devs
  18. Fondest memory... uhh how about most idotic moment... the time when I made my first billion from an eb, I saw this while I was kawooping. Needless to say I had gotten so excited let's just say what was meant for the toilet bowl ended up in my pants...
  19. Being a tps with huge bfe no allies in lowest bracket and being top 5 plunder(used to be inactive at start came on near end...fun times :( )