♔8th Year Badge Retirement - 49 Seal/100+ Horn Contest!♔

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  1. Memorable Moment? There are a lot
    Mochigames closed during holidays and 31 Accounts were away.

    7 years ago, how much expensive each def pot was.

    Battle lists to attack inaktive Players.If he was overfarmed,choose next one.some Players had 200.000 lost fights.Awesome at these time.

    Use Reset Bombs in OSW.
    But i think best part was Clan loyality.Win together,lose together
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    So many. I have come back to this game multiple times. I miss when there wasn’t hte and zta. My favorite thing was probably when guild hansels were so op.
  3. My favorite moment on KaW was when I first started 7 years ago and made my account. Times were different back then. Majesty was #1 on LB, Clans like ZAFT, Tyr,IG, LoS..etc were a few of the dominant clans at the time. Accounts were lower than 1 mil cs and there were only Lowlands. I still remember my very first clan inFamous Inc. Man I miss the days of plunder wars and when warring actually meant something.
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    My favorite time on kaw was the quetzal event. Doing the first ever "EB trains" to get as much as possible. Activity was extremely high back then and the competition for the top 100 spots was what drove me to participate.
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    My most memorable moment by far was the first volley i experienced many years ago. I had maybe only 12 lands explored all with max level forges when my owner walled me to ask in world chat for a volley. I did and my phone started vibrating like crazy. My news feed started to fill up quickly with news of me being hired. At first, my gold was not increasing that much, but the more I got hired, the more I made. Soon enough, I was making a whole one million gold from each hire, and they were still coming! My gold shot up from maybe a hundred thousand to tens of millions. I quickly explored lands to build bestiaries, the next building. However, I was getting gold faster than I was spending it, and it was glorious. My combined stats shot up and at the time, I could not even wrap my mind around all that gold. Each notification let me know that I was getting richer and richer and I was overwhelmed with excitement
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    My most memorable memory is from forums. I got into an argument with a player back when I was a bit of a troll, on a thread about nothing. The glory in this comes from when I told said player to “go BLANK a door” and it resulted in my forum ban. However this thread is also in Best of because apparently that resulted in a legendary way to get forum banned. Lol
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    My favourite moment was when the war system first dropped. A month after it’s release I joined a Pwar clan and was LCBC in he space of a month. Activity was very high back then. In around 3 months I noticed half of the clan had a different build to what they did when I first joined. At that point I started hoarding attack pots (no silver bars back in those days). Every week or so I would change my build to something different and see how I faired in actual war. Ended up enjoying Hansel build the most, with the ability to open as an OSF if we were down one, making the gold reward from a PW.

    So all in all you could say my fondest memory was changing build every week or two once I got bored of warring in the same way. When stats actually meant how well you would do in PvP. Before equips, charms and EBs were a thing. When 10k/10k/304.5k/304.5k was a LCBC Hansel. Shoutout to my old PW clan.
    Specifically Lormaster an old friend.
  8. My favourite memory of kaw was probably pipe's (i think it was pipe) troll fake cf post to last rights

    Another would be the turtle army back in s5 , only the best of the best got in and there was a few indi wars where there was several of us on both sides and we caused a lot of pandimonium together
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    And R-E-S-P-E-C-T?
  10. My most memorable moment.... when I first joined kaw, and was getting spam hire notifications, and I freaked out thinking my phone was hacked, because it wouldn't stop buzzing. So I ran down, and out the doors placed the phine in the doormat and ran inside staring at it through the window :)
  11. More like the best of LSA, which is still quite freaking terrible.
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    Yeah that’s the one if I recall correctly.
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    My favorite part about the community is how well the devs treated us. Such “good” memories
  14. When I started playing about 2 years ago, I got in a clan called "Beer Factory", it had lots of great people. I was active in cc, we were doing unlocks and it was pretty fun. I was one of the most active members so I became an admin; now I know that it doesn't mean that much, but I was really happy and KaW became my favourite game back then. My clan genuinely felt like a family. A few months later though the most active people and the owner started being inactive and now the clan is dead. Still, that was definitely my best experience with KaW.
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    My favorite moment was when I first started the game on another account, I joined a clan I think called "golden soldiers" or something like that, they was doing b2b hauntings and some other difficult Ebs, they helped me with everything I needed help in like growing, learning the game, etc. that was around I think 5-6 years ago, but that was the greatest moment because I felt important because I was in such a good clan.
  16. I guess my most memorable moments were the 6 months that the game moderators were harassing me everyday in public channels

    I took a screen shot every time the repeated and ongoing offensive and demeaning name calling would happen, and I must have had 50 screen shots

    I had enough evidence to win a nice lawsuit in small claims court.

    Support kept telling me "oh they have the right to express themselves" and I said oh good if that's expressing themselves I have the right to express myself too

    Mind you this was after I threatened support I was going to bypass because of this ongoing campaign of harassment and then later did and was silenced for it as I should be

    So I started my counter campaign to harrass one moderator in the same way, I picked the one who started it and I started to publicly harass that moderator every time I saw them in world chat in the exact manner they had harassed me for 6 months everyday

    It didn't last a week of me expressing myself before the developers changed TOU on March 17 2017 to include harassment by repeated and ongoing offensive name calling

    The lesson we all learned that day was that the developers, the moderators, the support team can not determine what is offensive, ongoing, and derogatory name calling to the victim of such torment

    I still have plenty of issues with the way this game is run, how support is little help and is more concerned with closing your ticket before the issue is resolved

    For example the way people can spam and disrupt your threads while you're reporting them for disrupting (remind you there is a button for that and it actually says "disrupting / off-topic") and instead of the moderators doing anything about those disrupting

    They instead take the side of those disrupting and lock the thread effectively silencing your views, opinions, and religious beliefs

    Those who are trying to silence you will win and your thread gets locked for being off-topic when you have no control over the actions of others and while reporting them for breaking the rules

    They can break the rules with impunity and have your thread locked while doing it

    I was so moved by this new tactic of silence and censorship that I took it to Google that yesterday I delete my review of the game and updated with a new review after 5 years of having a 5 star review

    I plan to go a step further and contact Google directly for their support and distribution of a game with such systemic religious discrimination

    They'll decide what your beliefs are for you and punish you if you don't agree

    I am not convinced that they believe there are people on the other end of these pixels and wallets

    I'll probably be banned for these memories and that shows the level we are at
  17. I started that in s5 v happy you remember that :’)
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    I wouldn’t mention being a former moderator ....seeing as you were removed for corruption unceremoniously

    Ok so to follow the “rules” I’m sharing mods leak as my favorite moment
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    The first time I got an autograph By Ata Grant! Almost faint!! Best day ever.

    Also, Back in the days, When they were osf, I used to open in wc and let people hit me to grow. Alot people asked me "Why" I do what I did. My answer was easy" To help people grow and to keep them happy" :) And it was fun. Old good memories!

    Then, One day I got an artwall from iMaki I was Her #1 Fan!! Couldn't believe it!

    There is lots of good memories that cannot be erase. Be happy and keep smiling! :)
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    My favorite moment was placing 2nd in s5 and knowing I could have gotten 1st if I didn’t take the last two weeks of the event off ;)