♔ Ultimate Guide to KAW ♔

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  1. Hahahaaa Love it, Ashes. Can't believe I was too lazy to read it before. 
  2. Thanks Chaos and Moody!

    Moody.. there are guides suggested of you in some pages.. I shall put them on the first page soon.. hehe
  3. Oh god...

    I take back everything nice horrible I've ever said to you.
  4. Sum fresh memez noice noice
  5. Hahaha this gave me some chuckles. I love this. Amazing as always, ashes! 
  6. I’ve never seen this guide and still not seen the mick took outa me but so far it’s funny as hell lol
  7. Kasama's Guide to stalking Roni

    Chubby's guide to No support

    Apes Guide to killing EE

    X's Guide to trolling Mei

    Savage's guide to stealing Ty's KaW GF

    Ty's guide to hating Savage

    So You Think You Can Rap hosted by Static
  8. OMG classics! Superbad.. classics!
  9. Time for updating
  10. Updated with a few more
  11. Yeah, you wish :roll:
  12. #SaveGroos
  13. Bump this is a classic
  14. I made it so long in life without being reminded of the existence of bunchies again 🙁
  15. No idea who is in charge but I applied for the moderate positions never got it ...... it's called discrimination got that peaple
  16. This is the perfect thread for that tbh
  17. no support