♔ Ultimate Guide to KAW ♔

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  1. Missing the guide to retirement threads, and how they always come back.
  2. Max-Damages guide on following your enemy in OSW on pm, trading words and losing.. And unfollowing
  3. "Denying Screenshots" - a guide by ATA Support.

    Flint's Guide to Spamming 10k Posts In Under A Year

    "Wtf Are Emojis?" by Watchgirl

    "Is this thread about? Well it's about to be!", a guide by Ancienne.
  4. Prime, I want to do a one sentence unintelligent roast of you followed by a gif, but, I don't want to copy how you post 99.9% of the time. *moonface*
  5. It's a shame. Forums were once a place of gladiator-esc fights, with words. They usually spilled INTO the actual game and created more drama/fun. Nowadays, if you as so much sneeze on another poster, you get DAS BOOT!
  6. IGCB's guide to Equal Rights for Carebear Lovin'

    IGCB's guide to Girls Scout Cookies and Pwning forum arguments

    IGCB's guide to "Gimme my name back!"

    IGCB's guide to raw foruming

    ️ you are definitely in the Pantheon of forum greats IGCB
  7. (smile)

    doesnt jesus already have a guidelike book or something (giggle)
  8. Ashes guide to kissing igcb's butt
  9. 'Dod1'-50'S guide to getting the banhammer
  10. Kasama, I still prefer sasooky
  11. Kezzers build guide to simple math
  12. Killzone's guide to updates which ironically never gets updated...
  13. Kasama.. I guess I got a little bit carried away with kissing butt.. Those Care Bears are cute!
  14. Cortanas guide to pretending to be Asian to turn on val 
  15. Wordwaster's guide to wasting words
  16. ZAFT's guide to self destructing.
  17. Willy's drunken recall of his night out with Jorathe
  18. "A Gide TwO Modurn English" by Salty Feet

    And his follow on best seller

    "Alfa Mail, Get Rich, Bye Jis Sayin It!"

    "Let Go, Never Keep Score" Co-Authored by Resilient Zombie Trooper and IReg

  19. My 'instincts' tell me to not like your post but I cannot help it.
  20. Ashes' guide on mass roasting forumers and getting away with it ;p