♔ Ultimate Guide to KAW ♔

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  1. Damocles guide to Shame! Shame! Shame!
  2. Harbs guide to taking you Enemies down with you on adventures
  3. How to not forum CF for your friends featuring clan A hq and apoc.
  4. No matter what App you use, no message is private - a collaboration by Jayde, NaughtyGwen and Moose
  5. AJ's guide to running contests judged by a secret panel

  6. Plot twist: he's all of them
  7. The blighter that stole my name.

    A biography of Sexy-Cow compiled by Cowlegend999
  8. seth's guide to copying trump's nonesense
  9. Tejas guide to LB rage quitting
  10. OMG I miss TEJA!!

    He is a cool guy.. I used to post this gif as him.. We used to have a laugh about it..

  11. Sadly most of these did go to the trash. They were funny though and should have gone to a locked section instead so we could still read them.

    Don't forget the 'ScarletShadow isn't really a girl' thread and 'Mod rage quits and bans entire clan'
  12. Second All Stars War: Iprophets guide to kicking people you don't like from your own team
  13. iJackson's guide to crying about iProphet
  14. NaughtyGwens guide to minions
  15. Bedlamites guide to streaking
  16. iProphet's guide to crying about ATA
  17. Swabia's guide to: "90 days of farming award for forums insolence goes to:"

    *Back in the days when Swabia would literally sit on you for 90 days if you irked him
  18. Just ask cheeseburger
  19. iFalcon's guide to finding out that you are NOT very popular at all

    *Hats off the largest participated thread of all time on KaW.. 12 thousand posts??.. Anyone remembers?
  20. AutisticShad's guide to cult start ups and eternal happiness