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  1. Distance sounds familiar.... Kasama You wrote some cool threads too 
  2. you should add a catergory for :- Who has crossed the kaw threshold and dated a kaw moderator.
  3. How to rage quit as mod - by Benny
  4. I think yarmes wrote the sequel to that bestseller
  5. Inferno wrote the 3rd book in the trilogy but it was quickly withdrawn from the shelves.
  6. Moose had an edition also, but like Inferno's, it was sadly removed from the shelves.

  7. Keep crying poppa, you shouldn't have been allowed back in the first place, the Dev's made an example of you and you more than deserved it. So please drop build and quit again. I like my kaw free of cheating trash.
  8. ^das harsh
  9. Gravelords guide to daddy issues, butthurt and raging - "the never ending story"
  10. iG's guide to holding allies (especially 1b ones).
  11. my campaign is a bigger fight than Bernie sanders'
  12. Remember, this thread isn't about singling one or two players out. It's collectively about kaw moments over the years. There's few entertaining threads now a days, last thing we want, is for this one to be locked.

  13. The guide to irrevantness: DrDeath69's guide to have nobody actually know who you are because you're unimportant
  14. Always under the radar, btw I preferred sasooky
  15. Hey all!.

    I was in pm's with a bunch of you folks and I would like to have a mini section dedicated to players who were/are deemed pretty badass in fighting.. The deal is they have to be nominated by another player with street cred (we know who has street cred)..

    I am going to start a mini section (gotta think of a snazzy name) for those fighters..

    I know.. I know.. Controversy will ensue.. But hey.. Atleast we have to celebrate and acknowledge each other!..

    Pm me or post for suggestions..️
  16. Unicornpoopcookie now starring in "VK, The Abandoned Years"
  17. Fiddler's guide to doctored doctorate degrees
  18. Great one ashes! forgot about that

    Swabia in the Broadway play "How on earth am I Valiant?"

    And soon to open in the West End "Ashes of Eden, I'll valiant the pants off you"