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  2. Yay! Girls fight!
  3. Chaos is the one in blue for the record ;)
  4. The blue one hits harder you know? The red one hits like a girl.
  5. Well chaos is bigger than vix
  6. Nah, dat fight aint right.

    Chaos spits straight shade.

    Vix goes for low blows.

    I like both sides because they're funny in their own way.
  7. Vixen's and Mary's guide on how to speak Jabbanese..
  8. How to hide behind big accounts and yap like a chihuahua on world chat: A collection of short stories by the apoc rank and file.
  9. Can anyone remember who wrote the anti build guide?
  10. Scarlet Shadows Guide on How to Win Friends and Influence People.
  11. Devouring?
  12. Return my 10 minutes of life!
  13. Ok everyone.. Peace and love..

    This is a thread that celebrates all the cool stuff that made this game great to play..

    Everyone's been cool so far and we appreciate it..

    Please keep it witty and like Frank's hot sauce.. Just zingy enough to make the meal good..

    Thank you!

    Oh.. Someone anonymous mentioned that a while ago, this guide was published..

    "How to sort out a leak": A plumber's guide by Moose
  14. "How to get all of kaw to hate you" with donrico3000

    "Love and hate: keeping the balance" featuring Aztec and awp
  15. Bahahaha
  16. No, that's not his style. It was someone else. I forgot who though
  17. We need to remember back who wrote the anti-build guide!!!

    We're like a bunch of old folks hanging out at the local cafe.. Collectively remembering bits and pieces of the glorious past
  18. This is such a funny and great trip down memory lane. its a shame that alot were graveyarded or locked because rikki's right what a wonderful way to re live all the exciting moments in kaws past. That kept us all on the edge of our seats watching it all unfold.And the great guides from kaw history .
  19. Distance?
  20. Idk. Seems like something Swabia would do.

    Remember Meatwhistle's item guide? Omg that was probably the peak of this forum. We were so free back in those days.

    *sheds a tear thinking about fond memories*