♔ Ultimate Guide to KAW ♔

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  1. Tiger assassin's guild making everyone gang up against yourself.
  2. Zaft guide to do nothing and bank in bars for rest of their lives
  3. MissMelon's guide on how to use a sharpie
  4. OMG.. Miss Melon and her Sharpie!!!

    Cheese ur right on!
  5. Inferno's guide to resets
  6. "I'll make a difference" - from the autobiography Famous Last Words by Titan_God :cool:
  7. It's red aperion not red apheriun 
  8. The ultimate guide to being Moody and blue
  9. Eggsy.. You are so right.. I am correcting before Val finds out and sends his alt army after me
  10. Chaos's guide to clan vacations.
  11. I dyed :lol:

    Gotta love Titan though. Good chap 
  12. The female anatomy and you, by Ashes

  13. Lol yes Kezzer.. I am known in Kaw for two things...
  14. Val will stick an iPhone charger up your bum 
    Only werms will remembr 
  15. Todd's guide to iPhones

  16. The official harb guide to disbanding clans so you have to put a . At the end of the name
  17. This thread has so much history and humor
  18. Ashes' guide to using big booby pics of girls to get popularity from teen boys

    DrDeath's guide to spamming this thread

    Harb's guide to running an alliance of cowards

    Willy's guide on making a vaguely humorous thread every month to get internet popularity then go inactive

    Moose's guide on bribing the devs to make them his slaves

    Pipebomb's guide to reposting threads from 3 years ago

    Redstar's guide to online dating a "girl" for 6 years

  19. "Pity the fool", Mr T's guide to ally volleying
  20. Former mod relationships; a duet by chaos and vixen