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  1. WARNING: This is a Joke Thread

    "For when the One Great Scorer comes
    To mark against your name,
    He writes - not that you won or lost -
    but how you played the Game."

    Are you new to KaW?

    Have you been playing for the last 3 years and still don't know how to strip properly? Do you see Alison in your newsfeed but can't hit her back? Do you know how to Unicorn RP?

    Well.. It's PRIME, Rikki and Ashes here, and over the years, we had gone undercover in various parts of the KaW Universe, sampled as much peril as possible, had infiltrated secret rooms, hung out with eThugs and Trolls, looted kingdoms during riots in WC, and gotten stripped naked..

    To bring you... Our dear forum reader..


    PRIME infiltrating FOXES clan circa. 2010

    This guide is basically categorized to individual guides written by all the awesome and (in)famous players of KaW and a brief description is attached where applicable..

    You're probably thinking, "Don't we have enough guides already?".. Well...

    We assure you, you haven't seen anything like this..

    This is like the WikiLeaks of KaW guides..

    This is like the Hitchhikers Guide to KaWlaxy..

    This is a guide if TMZ made guides

    This is like the Magna Carta and the Rosetta Stone of KaW

    This is also a great and authentic labor of love to celebrate this great game that we enjoy and the awesome players who have ever played and are playing...

    Without further ado.. We present you..



    AJAX's guide on farming a whole clan

    Mr. MAGOO's guide on how NOT to play a Pure Spy

    Limited edition guide on how to beat Claws of Carnage

    The KING's Tomb: An untold adventure of how KaW tried to not have every clan pounding Haunts

    The Campaign Trail: My long and hard struggle to become a Mod... By TERRA

    MicKeYKNoCKs guide to ally trading

    BALTO's guide on how to be attention seeking and post count farm at the same time

    Russian Spy's guide on how to thrive in a target rich environment

    Yarme's guide on how to properly behave in WC while being a Mod

    Troll's guide on recycling to keep accounts green

    PHIL's guide on how to report on OSW's without bias

    Chapter 12: Making Low Effort Threads with EAGLE

    DELTA's guide to Bunchies

    Eric Northman's "I went to Harvard. You are an Idiot" guide

    Optimal chaos teaching you to make omelettes in 100000 words or less

    How to tell time in WC without using Clocks

    AJ's guide to making really weird forums games of command and conquer. Alternate title: "how not to score with the ladies"

    DDHLEIGH's guide on how to make a KaW Video on the first Zaft-Apoc war

    Kaw Community's guide on how to appear cool on Kaw without any OSW street cred

    The Great KaW Debates: Volume I: BLAZEY/BELLE

    Tom Burger Pie's guide to losing your wings

    BLACKFANDO's guide on Kaw moustaches and posting pictures of yourself in a dress at a bar

    Snitches get Stitches: by Moose

    Zeth's guide to fine art

    OMETS guide on how to successfully infiltrate clans

    Fiddler's guide to doctored doctorate degrees

    Miss Melon's guide on how to use a sharpie

    REAL KaW Jeopardy Categories: "Autobot relations for 5000 Alex"

    Kasama's Guide to stalking Roni

    Chubby's further guide to No support

    Apes Guide to killing EE

    X's Guide to trolling Mei

    Savage's guide to stealing Ty's KaW GF

    Ty's guide to hating Savage

    So You Think You Can Rap hosted by Static

    Harb's guide to getting Harb'ed

    iFalcon's guide to finding out that you are in fact NOT very popular at all

    Chocolate's guide to Wulf guides

    Anthology of Willy's couch interviews with KaW Towers and assorted KaW B list celebrities

    SlayerBob's guide to getting both VK and Mod and Not losing them

    NaughtyGwen's guide to Minions

    XTREME's guide on Bathroom Selfies for KaW

    Imitation-Cheese's guide to preaching important political concepts to unintelligent children

    Joe_'s guide to declaring a year long OSW on WC

    Alison's guide on how to drop build like a badass

    Lili's guide to KawMics

    Saltyfeet's guide to being a general badass

    Willy's drunken recall of his night out with Jorathe

    A Gide TwO Modurn English by Saltyfeet

    IGCB's guide to "Gimme my name back!"

    Second All Star Wars: iProphet's guide to kicking people you don't like from your own team

    Ancienne's hubby's guide on how to argue properly with Ancienne

    I burned all my speakers on a WC trivia game: by Moose

    Larry's guide to NO SUPPORT

    TimDaFreak's guide on how to be the best looking guy on KaW.. According to him

    Lovely Denial's guide on KaW Weddings

    Laoda's guide to Ithaca

    How to speak the Queen's English by iReg

    Sean's guide on how to be too damn nice on KaW

    Anarchy's guide of how to properly do a CF thre....

    Pure Evil's guide to Farmfest, a few epic days of peace and love on KaW

    Cortanas guide to pretending to be Asian to turn on Val

    Kasama's guide to derailing a thread on the first page

    The Great KAW Debates: Volume II: Roni/Bootsy

    iProphet's guide on how to take on the Devs

    Memoirs of a Towered Frontline Bank by -IMF-

    What is Love? A guide to World Chat Karaoke with Rikki

    Question everything with Dillybar

    Cynderstryke's guide on how to fill out an application for KaW Moderator - Properly

    RP14/Alcyone's guide to take offence at everything and retort fiercely

    Mr. Biscuit's guide to pawning off allies you bought by mistake as stripped allies

    Swabia's guided tour of the Grand Castles of KaW

    Kaw Anatomy: Ankles, by Bellemorte

    Mare's guide on how to be a Lord in a tap tap game

    Silver's guide to hitting HTE nonstop while getting OSW credit

    Dropbox - A practical example on how to use it: by Moose

    ImaginaryAmigo's guide to "I fought Zaft and all I got was this lousy T-Shirt"

    We're all midgets now that the new lands are out.. Or as TimDaFreak calls it.. "Friday nights at my house"

    Three Time ASW champ and excessive boobies: Memoirs of Frog

    I.S.S Cook Book: Baking with fruits and nuts

    Romeo and Juliet: A tale of passionate love on top of the leaderboard: by Cella and Red Star

    Hansel's guide to "What? You all named a build after me?"

    Val's guide to the Red Aperion

    Riki and Prime's guide to Salad Fingers

    Yanking Chains - Asurion's guide to being seen and not heard

    iG guide on meat shields

    Wordwaster's guide to useing KaW Memes before they were cool

    "For the love of Groos" A passionate and caring petition of support by Apoc to get Groos placed in a Zaft family clan because Apoc felt sad seeing him all alone in ZD one day

    Michael’s Guide on how to wash and shampoo Hairy Legs

    Suzanne's guide to Werewolf love story RP

    KotFE's guide on farming any clan that has the letters "K" or "O" or "T" or "F"... or "E" in their names


    Suggest away to more historic guides on KaW!Please don't break the TOU. Please refrain from being mean and super nasty.

    It's just a gentle fun roast to remember the awesome players of KaW️
  2. You should post links with every guide
  3. It took thousands of man hours to compile this index, most of the topics in this index have either had their threads deleted or are so old bumping them would be a bannable offence.
  4. This a joke thread? I never would have gussed
  5. My guide on how to get attacked on (remember when my name was clumsy_titan) :^^)))
  6. Deaths guide to telling the time in WC with my big clock
  7. Is it one of those clocks with clocks within the clock? By which I mean a clockception
  8. The guide to winning by losing - a fury handbook
  9. WDGAF - a guide to never hitting back!
  10. RPL INVOKER - Guide to using the same gif on several threads!
  11. Keep going I'm listening

  12. :lol: this is pure gold

    Encapsulates all of KaW history and wraps it in a comical wrapper
  13. I wonder if I do 3 guides on Eric Northman, whether he would appear

    So many peeps that I miss..

    More coming.. Keep the roasts coming.. Witty and fun
  14. Eagle's guide to catching botters.

    Chaos's guide to OSW.
  15. A guide to waste your enchantment elements, and your time , "MAGECRAFT"
  16. Nefarious guide on how to win an argument by confusion