♔[NEW EB]GUIDE♔Ghomorax of the Highlands

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  2. So basically, more content unavailable to 90% of the community
  3. No support op is nub
  4. My highlands doesn't have a capital. :cry:
  5. No support
  6. Stupid eb nothing special really devs geez at least now we know where your loyalty lies events money money choking the life out of kaw
  7. How I wish Scrag, Jorathe, Skorpios, Moutus, and Hawthorn were just as simple as this. :(
    When will they be optimized? We're tired of hitting ghosts, rocks and trolls.
  8. Mhm. That's why the new EB is free.

    Not saying the Devs haven't been money-grubbers. But this EB is not a symptom of it.

  9. Then grow hmmmmmm
  10. It drops gatesilver powder
  11. They already got a permanent plunder boost
  12. I have seen players the same with my cs, hitting SS and AFF yet they earn 40-80bil every 12 hours.
    I can earn 50-70bil every 12 hours just by hitting haunting.
    Plunder boost, if ever there is one, is almost non-existent when your regen time is wasted because you can't assassinate or attack at certain stages of the eb. You miss a certain stage then your regen time will be wasted. Players have been skipping these ebs because of the ineffecient drop rates of event items.
  13. yeah. sort of sucks to log on with a full bar just to find out the the first attack bar was just killed and its all spies for the next hour or so.

    still, some sort of variety would be less...dull. doesn't have to be a long period of only troop or only spy.
  14. Try to compare Apheriun, Scrag and Sveruganti ebs.
    Even at first read of the eb guides, everyone knows Scrag is a waste of time - the eq requirements and the waste of regen time and the event items drop rate.
    Btw, look at other mid-tier ebs, too.
    You act more like that then you are more like saying that the game is not welcoming the growth of new players.
  15. Yeah I agree, there's no even an equipment drop in this eb.
  16. Sounds like a pretty nasty eb, someone heal that poor infected moster before he dies of septicemia instead of us killing him, :lol:.
  17. I cri
  18. Re: [NEW EB GUIDE]Ghomorax of the Highlands

    Lmao xD
  19. What's even the point of that little item.
  20. There's 0 point to it. It doesn't even cost anything to the people that can hit the eb.