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  1. Moose didn't leave. He's made two threads these past few days and still posts and locks...
  2. Logical isn't on the former moderators list because...?


  3. Because genius it's not updated.
  4. No need to be rude Charles. 

    I was wondering what his current name is...

  5. Worm, it's a secret ;)
  6. Needs to be updated
  7. Make the updated version yourself. Wulf clearly has no interest in doing it since it's been a long while since he last updated it.

    Take the responsibility yourself :D
  8. Lol I would if I could make it as good as wulf
  9. Psh. Make it your own. No need to compare it to Wulf :)
  10. 1. Copy the thread

    2. Give credit to Wulf.

    3. Add all the things that need to be here.

    Just a suggestion
  11. Naw, copying it would be lame. Plus a lot of it can be removed now anyway.
  12. Why copy. Add your own twist to it and make it your own.
  13. ^Go for it, I'm interested to see it
  14. Love still being a current moderator according to this thread.

    Ace, if you remake it, at least throw some humor into it to make it interesting.
  15. Pretty much all the mods on the current mod list are wrong, that needs to be fixed for sure.
  16. Lol im only good at making recruitment threads for now. We will see. In the meantime if you are good with making these kinds of threads i would go for it. Run it by wulf to see if he is done updating the thread.
  17. Don't sweat it Ace. If you don't make a good thread then just delete it. Show a few people it before posting to make sure it looks alright. No biggie, yo.
  18. Acetown, if you do make a thread you can always ask my advice(if it's worth anything) and I can proofread it as well
  19. I could make it

    Give me until Sunday or Monday

    And I would need help. :0

    I can get on Pc.