♔ Item Drops from Epic Battles ♔

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  1. The thread has been updated with legend item names from the current event! :)
  2. Greatly appreciated but can you give the numbers dropped for the side legends
  3. Why not help her out instead of dumping to-do lists for her
  4. At the moment I do not have the time or energy to do that. The drops also seem to vary from side legend to side legend, so it would be even harder to monitor the drops and keeping the thread updated. I may be able to do something like this later, but not at the time being.

    I hope this clears it up. But, feel free to gather the info yourself; I'm sure the players would appreciate it (I've got a couple requests about this from other players)! :)
  5. I've noticed that side legend drops seem to increase with each successive side legend during the main legend series. The second side legend drops higher than first one, and the third seems to drop in higher amounts than the second.

  6. You’re the best! Thanks.
  7. A little late, but thread updated now. :)
  8. And thread updated! :)
  9. The thread has been updated.
  10. Thank you for this! :)
  11. You're welcome guys! :)
  12. New event - thread updated :)
  13. The thread has been updated! :)
  14. What about drop for HTE ?
  15. HTE is already in the list, together with the other epic battles from tier 5.
  16. What about drops from NOTH and the updated drop rates for other ebs?