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  1. I played this game a while ago on a phone I no longer have. I want to get that account is there any way to do so as I put alot of time in that account and a little bit of cash
  2. what about if u have max linked devices and lost device account was on then what?
  3. How can I transfer my old account from my old I pod touch 1st gen to IPhone
  4. If I link a iPhone to my PC, does it mean I can play it on both? Could you wall me the answer please, thanks.
  5. ive changed facebook accounts so how do i change facebook info on device? i need to de link one then re link another but how?
  6. A friend of mine's fb account was banned, is there anyway to get onto his account on PC for him?

    Seeing as this was bumped I might aswell ask.
  7. I recently returned to kaw after a year absence, and found that I can only access one of my accounts. How can I access my other account? I still have the email I linked to it( which no longer brings me to that account) and the Idevice I have for it broke 4 months ago. Any suggestions?
  8. What about Googleplay
  9. Meganky is.bck I'm not dead hehe:);):):):)
  10. #BanWwwwwarrior2014
  11. I am having a problem getting my account back have done every thing they have asked me to do and they won't help my account is twofeatherscomanchewarriordsss in the Uranus. Clan help me please
  12. Can't get my account back help me please
  13. It's not working, and you shouldn't be necrobumping
  14. Hi I can't get my account back I woz playing on Mochi games and they have shut down what do I do to get my account back thank
  15. So you cannot transfer your PC account to yout iDevice account without losing any of them?
  16. Can you have a PC account and an iDevice account?
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.