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Discussion in 'Questions/Feedback' started by Wulf, May 12, 2011.

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  1. If swapping accounts around eg: iphone to ipad n ipad to iphone you can no longer do that apprently
  2. Hi i just bought a new phone (a samsung s2)
    When i downloaded kaw i used ata to get my accnt from my old ipod to my new phone
    Now this accnt is on both ipod and phone
    But i would like to get my pc accnt to my ipod
    Without deleting this accnt anyone knows how?
  3. From the webpage, press link your iPhone. Then follow the steps. Thats all you need to do.
  4. No than i delete this accnt
  5. It appears the format for the kingdomsatwar.com main page has changed. How do I link my iPad acct to my pc with the new format?

    I don't have a ATA or Mochi acct.
  6. How do I retreive my gitterdidkid account from here
  7. I have an account already but had to get new phone and had to upload kaw again and then had to start over with a new id ....how dow I get to and use my old account
  8. Started playing on my android and uhmmm what steps above???? Want to link my android game to facebook...how?
  9. I don't have my id number for my old account and I dropped my phone in the lake and i would kije to get my original account on this phone. My original is wolfblood113.
  10. Maybe I'm not reading this correctly, but the Table of Contents shows that there should be a section on how to obtain your UDID WITHOUT your iDevice, yet said section in non-existant. Please rectify this error, or direct me to the hidden section if I just happened to miss it.
  11. Some peeps do honestly go through more than 5 devices. They shouldn't be restricted to move their account if they can provide proof of needing the new devices. They weren't selling their account. They just have crappy luck with devices.
  12. How can I transfer my main from my iPhone 4S on to my Galaxy S3???
  13. I have another account from my old phone that got broke how can I get it back? I have tried fb and everything but nothing works
  14. Re: Request to Kaw Admin

    Kingdoms at war.my account hellspawn420.i got a new phone and they took my old for as a trade in . I would like to know if there is anyway u can help me get my hellspawn420 account back
  15. Lets say my phone is setting at the bottom of a lake.... How would I go about getting that account back?
  16. How long does it take on average for the devs to look at these emails? Just wondering...
  17. ^ can we get on this? I want to use my main. Devs, please expedite this for once...
  18. Wulf which one ur post about spoiled alert if im right
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