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Discussion in 'Questions/Feedback' started by Wulf, May 12, 2011.

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  1. SMileZ, device_transfers will ask all the same info regardless.
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    here is all the infomation you need.
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    Thats a lie accounts cannot be delinked from a facebook ( support said so)
  4. Hey look what I found
  5. U cant delink ur fb account if u link kaw with fb. Your fb was kidnapped by kaw.Your fb cant get away from kaw. It is a lie. A big lie.
    See the reason they reject my request
    For security reasons, there is currently no way to remove or change the facebook information associated with an account.
  6. Am trying to link a pc account to an iPod but the 'link to iPhone' button that should be at the top of the screen instead says 'link account' and won't work through that.... Help please
  7. I'm having the same problem of not being able to link pc to iPhone due to the missing button
  8. Hmm so I'm still new and don't understand why I was silenced in world chat don't no rules and I was not happy to find out coz I've only played for a little while and I think I'm picket on bye a mod in world chat
  9. The rules can be found under the help tab.
  10. Some of this information is now invalid.. Sadly, some rules have changed in apples policy. Just a heads up.
  11. Is it possible to link an account between to IDevices? If so, how?
  12. You can not have an account on two iDevices. If found having done so, account will be banned.
  13. Is there any link available to reset your account password or is emailing support the only way? (If u now can reset a password that is without resetting account)
  14. Requesting help for a friend that did udid transfer last night but it isnt activated. Emailed kaw and still no account. Please message me on this or tell me who i cam talk to
  15. If he has emailed then just wait. If your friend has an ATA ID, then he only needs to download kaw and log in via ATA ID to get his account.

    If he doesnt have it, he can email device_transfers@athinkingape.com and explain if he hasn't already.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.