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  1. I am on the same droid phone after it was reset and am unable to access my acct. don't have pc available, need simply to get back into my game.. in game name is Ranhir.. current acct is temp_Ranhir.. surely there is a simple way to correct situation
  2. You can email device_transfers@athinkingape.com and explain what has happened, and see if they can get it back to you. A good idea to link it to facebook and find a PC to do it.
  3. I have tried numerous times to send email n always fail. Help please getting new phone in 2 days and really don't want to lose my account.
  4. How do I transfer my account from an iphone on to a galaxy 3 s?
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  6. I cant link my acc from pc to my ipod as the other acc in ipod is linked to the pc, how should i do?
  7. Cyrus:
    If this is regarding an account transfer,linking, if you have purchased a new device, have a lost/stolen device, or have linking issues regarding Facebook or Mochi, please email device_transfers@athinkingape.com with account details:

    Kaw name:

    Date of creation:

    Last played or access on the account:

    Last purchase: (via iTunes receipt)

    GTM location (living location):

    Device you play (android or idevice):

    Facebook or mochi email (where you have played that account from):

    Reason for transfer or link:

    Happy KaWing
  8. Also Cyrus if you have purchase anything within this game and you don't know when and what, use this link to assist you're self and it will help you: To find instructions on how to review your purchase history with iTunes: http://athinkingape.desk.com/customer/p ... -purchases
  9. Ok what about this I used to have an account an an android after one of the updates I made it linked through the ata account option u know how it has athinkingape account to link now I want to link that to my iPod as that phone has been completely destroyed and I have no possible way to get the Idid I really want my old account back as I put several months of growth into it but there's no way I can log into my ata account via pc to do the idevice link I've boggled over this for hours a lil help would be amazing
  10. You need to email the devs
  11. I broke my old phone forgot 1st user name
  12. Emailed support and found out that there's no way to De-link an account, but you can link it to both Mochi AND Facbook
  13. My iPhone died, can't get the UDID from it. My account on there owns the clan. I have my new iPhone but can't access the account on it, thankfully have access via my iPad to my alt but need access to the phone account and over 24 hours since I emailed admin, is there anything I can do myself to regain access to the account?
  14. Is it possible to swap accounts? As in move one from iPhone to kindle and vice versa?
  15. I have a previous account until my phone broke. can I still retrieve it? I don't wanna start over. Amy help would be appreciated
  16. Email support@athinkingape.com and include as much detail as possible and they will ask you for some information to prove its you and then they do the transfer. :)
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