★SpreadSheet Build Calc.★ ★T8 Stat Complete 26/5/16★

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  1. ★T8 Stat Complete 26/5/16★
    Done with assistance From chocolate23 I have stats filled in on the new buildings... Still missing some names, If you have them please let me know!

    ★Update ★
    All new building stats current and correct. (to best of my ability) HF I am still working on names and some I will never get, but I know you guys just care for stats! :lol:

    Wall me for anything wrong!

    Please note: This is not built nor maintained by A Thinking Ape and there are no guarantees that it will provide an accurate build statistic.

    This is a KaW community effort -- many thanks go out to the many people who have contributed building information.

    You can download this from Google Drive:
    Download KaW Build Calculator V8.0.
    You can also open it within a browser on a PC to open with Google Docs:
    Open KaW Build Calculator V8.0 (you need to save it for yourself)

    HOW THIS WORKS: Best on a PC, just click the link to either download the Excel File or Link to the Google doc, then you can save a copy for yourself. Once you're on your own saved copy just modify the 1 column labeled #Built Or column G put the desired or current number of the specific building you want in and then everything else should calculate out automatically! :)

    So this is it. If you see any typo's or changes that need to be made please wall me and I will fix them ASAP! :) (or if links stop working)

    Good luck to all of you, these dream builds are gonnna take us forever! hahaha

    8.0 Updated T8 fixed some other calculation bugs...
    7.5 Update to T7 lvl 10
    7.1 Not published in time for new buildings.
    7.0 Fixed the cells I missed for stats addition! :) Sry and TYVM Weezus
    6.3 Rime Fortress & Blood Barracks lvl3 stats on both links Sry... :oops:
    My post on page 6 details that was changed. :mrgreen:
    6.5 Moved Names to correct location I totally swapped Def and Atk Buildings for T6 sry it has been corrected now
    Added lvl 4 and 5 to T6 lowered T5 prices and Per a request I fixed the calculation of amount spent on land to reflect the fact that you will buy HFL before HLBC! :D
    6.6 Not published due to wait on remaining buildings
    6.7 fixed a few calculations including land money spent. (still a work in progress) and of course added Tier 5 lvl4 buildings! :) Enjoy!

    Also TYVM to oOXOo, GuRuRaLpH and -TROLL- for getting me the last information I needed!

    UPDATE: Got all current T7 Building stats! :)

    Wall me for anything wrong!
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    Plz Sticky this and unSticky the T5 Build Calc TY
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    Virus don't install.
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    You know it's against TOU to spread Lies!!

    It is a clean spread sheet that has been passed down, I've only added Cells!! :|

    And I'm on a work PC so no way a Virus can get into it! :mrgreen:
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    Nice work :)
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    Good job
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    lol @ Cyan Plz go troll Else where! :D
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    Done deal neon
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    It's a nice spread sheet. Please finsh with the unit names, then it will be done. Thank you.
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    It works great and ez to use! :)
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    Ok I just need a name for t6l2 dt & sdt "troop names" I can't seem to find them so if anyone know/has a t6l2 dt and sdt and would post the names of the "troops"... I will update them.

    Yes I know towers don't have "troops" per say, but they do have a name that distinguishes them in the description...

    It will be something like this:
    dt =Red War ______??? something
    sdt = Descry ______??? something
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    Great Job on the update. I can verify that the T6 balanced and spy are correct. We always wish T6 would give more stats... but going from an 11mil CS hansel to a 22.5mil CS hansel was a pretty nice stat jump!
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    Great work! I love it!
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    Very nice work, double checked against current build and it was spot on. Thank you for the hard work in getting the old one adjusted and entering/confirming the new stats.
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    nice sheet and helpfull - T.Y.V.M.
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    Didnt know o had spreadsheet on my phone :? But very nice!
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    I have said it before and I will say it again. This is awesome. Thank you for sharing your hard work with the rest of us.

    Mods, this needs to be stickied.


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    Great Thing. Thx for doing this Neon!
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    Excellent guide thanks a lot