★Guide to Equipment★

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  1. This need update.
  2. Love the post, helped alot ^_^
  3. Update plz
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  5. My question is how does the equipment affect stuff like plunder?
  6. It doesn't, it helps you hit harder Ebs or hit people who are bigger. Also makes it harder for people to hit you
  7. Skeletal shiv sword isnt on here? How high in lv does it go?
  8. I know of one that boost plunder...only 1% though...i'll equip it...think it was a trinket???
  9. Technically, it can go up to 3% plunder and it's the blue bird trinket thingythe boots for part 3 also have a plunder bonus, but for pvp and it ranges anywhere from 0% to 10% depending on what level it has been upgraded to, and what tier you get from part 3.
  10. Anyone have max skeletal shiv info?
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