★Guide to Equipment★

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  1. Potential future update perhaps..?
  2. This guide so useful :)
  3. Does anyone know the cost of enchanting the new purchasable mith equipment?
  4. I want to see the rest of the relic gear fully upgraded >_<
  5. How or where can i download this guide again i switched phone and sim card so i lost it
  6. Thank you! Just what I needed to know about my equip! :)
  7. Skorpion shield
    Level 3: 1 Aqua, 1 Inferno
    Level 5: 1 Aqua, 2 Inferno
    Level 6: 1 Aqua, 2 Inferno
    Level 7: 2 Aqua, 3 Inferno
    Level 8: 2 Aqua, 3 Inferno
    Level 9: 2 Aqua, 4 Inferno
    Level 10: 3 Aqua, 4 Inferno
  8. Treasure Dragon Chestplate costs for +11 & +12 are actually 2 inferno 1 aqua
  9. can queztal boot from lvl 10 upgrade to next lvl? i have been trying but keep on unsuccessful.
  10. Yes I believe it has a max of lvl 11
  11. fI'm not seeing anything here on war banner upgrades I would like to know which Eb's drop war banner items to upgrade them
  12. When is this going to be updated?
  13. Res made mod and left us hanging lol
  14. Sorry guys, but updating this takes a ton of time, and not only that but I actually need to know the price/stats of each EQ level.

    If someone would drop me the info to some of the eq that's came out, Id be happy to update it on my spare time.
  15. But, but, you're a mod! You get paid to do that!

  16. They don't get paid, devs do.