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  1. /lock for spam... From a mod :p
  2. Res I only need 5 more psion to upgrade honeycomb ring to level 8 you need the stats? I will give them if needed. You only have til level 7. Thanks
  3. Actually, the stats are

    Attack: 4,651,155

    Defense: 6,786,815
  4. And Level 9 is

    Attack: 5,497,092

    Defense: 8,008,843
  5. Quick question... Are percent bonuses from things such as pro packs, abyssal sword, or wooden cross of conqueror added just based on your raw stats? or does it add that percent bonus from bfe and bfa as well? or does equipment percent added along with bfe, but not pro packs? like if im a hansel with 10m raw attack strength but 20 mil from equip, would 10 percent from pro pack/abyssal sword get me 3mil bonus or 1 mil bonus?
  6. ALL percent bonuses, are based on your raw stats and only your raw stats. If you're still confused, you can wall and follow me for better clarification. I didn't really want to get too far in depth if I didn't have to, but I'm willing to.
  7. Your missing the T10 gloves
  8. Do the stats really drop when the eq is enchanted or is this an error?
  9. Wb new alchemist equipment
  10. Where can I get those materials?
  11. Why doesn't the banners enchant up to level 10? Level two, I was saving for level 3 and discovered there is no level 3.
  12. The banners work on a % bonus, so if there were to be levels up until 10, each level increase would be so minuscule in % increase that it wouldn't be worth doing. 2 levels is just fine.
  13. How does the %gold plunder on equipment work? I have some maxed equipment but that doesn't give a plunder bonus either.
  14. No equipment to date gives a % plunder boost.
  15. Why is there the the bonus there for % plunder bonus if no equipment actually uses it?
  16. Because the devs didn't feel like making eq for it.