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  1. Kingdom Achievements

    Kingdom Achievements
    Quest Mastery
    Reserved for the bravest of all, those who sacrifice and perform epic deeds for their kingdoms. People will sing songs and write ballads about their adventures. This achievement is awarded after gaining full mastery of numerous quests.
    Level 1: Master 5 quests
    Level 2: Master 10 quests
    Level 3: Master 25 quests
    Level 4: Master 50 quests
    Level 5: Master 69 quests

    Kingdoms that receive this achievement have been successful in expanding their kingdom's land. Their rulers have shown to be adept planners, capable of building out majestic kingdoms that will stand the test of time. This achievement is awarded for exploring land in the areas surrounding your kingdom.
    Level 1: 4 lowlands explored
    Level 2: 10 lowlands explored
    Level 3: 12 lowlands explored
    Level 4: 15 lowlands explored
    Level 5: 25 lowlands explored

    Given only to the most skilled Generals, capable of forming strong alliances with other kingdoms. Enemies of these kingdoms cower with fear before the combined might of their adversaries. This achievement is awarded for having many strong allies.
    Level 1: Owned 5 allies at one time
    Level 2: Owned 20 allies at one time
    Level 3: Owned 50 allies at one time
    Level 4: Owned 100 allies at one time
    Level 5: Owned 250 allies at one time

    Highland Explorer
    This achievement is awarded to the visionary colonists who have successfully expanded their kingdoms to the Highland.
    Level 1: Discovered the Highlands(25 lowlands unlocked)
    Level 2: 4 Highlands explored
    Level 3: 12 Highlands explored
    Level 4: 20 Highlands explored
    Level 5: 25 Highlands explored

    Fortress Builder
    This achievement is awarded to those who expanded their castle, and have tapped into the power of Alchemist and Mage.
    Level 1: Upgraded the casted to lv2
    Level 2: Upgraded the castle to lv3

    For those kingdoms that rise from the ashes to continue the fight. Newly reborn, these relentless forces seek to avenge their fallen soldiers.
    Level 1: 5 land complete resets
    Level 2: 10 land complete resets
    Level 3: 15 land complete resets
    Level 4: 20 land complete resets
    Level 5: 25 land complete resets

    Hoarfrost Icebreaker
    This achievement is awarded to the intrepid explorers who fearlessly overtook the desolate ice wastelands of Hoarfrost.
    Level 1: Discovered the hoarfrost(15 highlands unlocked)
    Level 2: 4 Hoarfrost explored
    Level 3: 12 Hoarfrost explored
    Level 4: 20 Hoarfrost explored
    Level 5: 25 Hoarfrost explored
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  10. Clan Achievements

    Clan Achievements
    Clan Leader(for your profile)
    Only the most powerful and wealthy of kingdoms are able to create a clan. Clan leaders have achieved one of the most difficult feats in all of the land; as such, they are respected by all and feared by most.
    Level 1: Create a clan

    Recruiter(for your profile)
    This achievement is awarded to the most charismatic of clan leaders. Drawn to a common cause, other kingdoms join them. This achievement is awarded to clan leaders capable of recruiting lots of other kingdoms to their clan.
    Level 1: Owned a clan with 5 members
    Level 2: Owned a clan with 20 members
    Level 3: Owned a clan with 50 members
    Level 4: Owned a clan with 80 members
    Level 5: Owned a clan with 100 members

    Calydor the Depraved(clan)
    This achievement is awarded to clans who infiltrate the boar brigade, and uncover Calydor's secrets.
    Level 1: Complete Warbeasts
    Level 2: Complete Cover the Night
    Level 3: Complete Kingdom Assault
    Level 4: Complete To the Chamber
    Level 5: Complete The Depraved
    +3% Attack, +3% Defense

    Z'uthmerak of Despair(clan)
    This achievement is awarded to clans who save their lands from the wrath of the sea monster Z'uthmerak.
    Level 1: Complete The Awakening
    Level 2: Complete The Despair
    Level 3: Complete The Forgotten Ones
    Level 4: Complete The Reckoning
    +1% Attack, +1% Defense, +1% Spy Attack, +1% Spy Defense

    Usaris the Troll King(clan)
    This achievement is awarded to the adventurous clans who venture out to cleanse their lands of the Troll King Usaris.
    Level 1: Complete Abandoned Kingdom
    Level 2: Complete Foreign Territories
    Level 3: Complete Battle Royale
    Level 4: Complete Origins
    +2% Spy Attack, +2% Spy Defense

    Thorak the Destroyer(clan)
    This achievement is awarded to the heroic clans who dauntlessly enter the Sol mountains to confront Thorak and his reign of destruction.
    Level 1: Complete Evanescence
    Level 2: Complete No Mans Land
    Level 3: Complete Ambush
    Level 4: Complete The Destroyer
    +2% Attack, +2% Defense, 3% Spy Attack, 3% Spy Defense

    Apheriun of Exile(clan)
    This achievement is awarded to the powerful clans who fearlessly enter the nether realm to rid the world of the nightmare that is Apheriun.
    Level 1: Complete The Haunting
    Level 2: Complete No Quarter
    Level 3: Complete City of the Dead
    Level 4: Complete Figure of Death
    +4% Attack, +4% Defense, 4% Spy Attack, 4% Spy Defense

    Hawthorn the Wretched(clan)
    This achievement is awarded to the resolute clans who best the atrocious Hawthorn the Wretched and its toxic spawn.
    Level 1: Complete Claws of Carnage
    Level 2: Complete New Growth
    Level 3: Complete Scionic Storm
    Level 4: Complete Sporavek's Revenege
    +1% Spy Attack, +1% Spy Defense

    Moutos the Malevolent(clan)
    This achievement is awarded to the righteous clans who best the dragon lord, Mautos the Malevolent, and crush the mystic golden apple.
    Level 1: Complete The Barren Orchard
    Level 2: Complete Terrain Travails
    Level 3: Complete The Cave of Riches
    Level 4: Complete The Gilded Lord
    +1% Attack, +1% Defense

    Skorpios The Dealthstalker(clan)
    This achievement is awarded to the hardened clans who fell the lethal desert sting, Skorpios the Dealthstalker.
    Level 1: Complete Storm the Palace
    Level 2: Complete The Viper's Den
    Level 3: Complete Desert Sting
    Level 4: Complete A Cold Calling
    +1% Spy Attack, +1% Spy Defense

    Jorathe the Silver(clan)
    This achievement is awarded to the red-hot clans who shattered the frozen glacial giant, Jorathe the Silver.
    Level 1: Complete The Frozen City
    Level 2: Complete Wasteland Wilds
    Level 3: Complete Glacial Squall
    Level 4: Complete The Sleeping Giant

    World Power(clan)
    This achievement awarded to the most powerful of clans. Those that gather only the strongest members to take on the top of the strongest clans leaderboard.
    Level 1: Reach Top 50 on the strongest clan leaderboard.
    Level 2: Reach Top 20 on the strongest clan leaderboard.
    Level 3: Reach Top 10 on the strongest clan leaderboard.
    Level 4: Reach Top 5 on the strongest clan leaderboard.
    Level 5: Reach #1 on the strongest clan leaderboard.
    • Once you have level 5, your achievement will become gold.
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