★ Equipment Guide ★

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  1. How do you enchant these piniined boots please. Or the boots which look like they are in yellow solid GLOOP.?
  2. You cannot upgrade the pinioned boots. For the amberbound boots, you need to collect enough boot resonators from lotl to enchant them the first time, then elements for all subsequent levels.
  3. Is there any way to improve enchanting chance? I’m getting tired of spending hundreds (working very quickly towards thousands) of aqua trying to enchant my staff.....
  4. Can someone pls tell me where in here ppl post about what items to use on some EBs pls. Currently doing storm the palace on Skorpios the deathstalker and we are stuck on that item that needs to be use. Tysm
  5. Can I be king of kaw...is there any little help for nobs,I meant jobs for me .. need change war theme here, can't get a win, and is bit boring not getting the right fun challenge,,kingdoms at war.almost 10 yrs and war from eerie,to primal gotten sadder and sadder, need more war excitement,everyone are eb fairies ,osw are bit boring ,system war is never on, can't find 1 system war,gotta create a clan to make my own boring war or join. 'll wars. Not fun,but still playing, Have a happy kawing