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  1. All the information for the Septum Ring of the Minotaur have now been added to the guide, a huge thanks to the player -Raziel- for that! :)
  2. Thanks that was really useful keep being epic chocolate and my clan would like no know are u a male or female thanks again
    from jord
  3. Several users have already noticed that all the pictures in the guides have disappeared. This is a problem caused by Photobucket, the website where the images is hosted from. Here's what they wrote on their blog today:

    Hello Photobucketeers! We are experiencing site issues at the moment. Our engineering team is continuing to work on finding a resolution to the issue. We will get this resolved as soon as we can!

    Hopefully this will be fixed soon! :)
  4. Anyone know what EB drops the best offhand gear for spy attack/def?
  6. Blaze undying needs updating
  7. 1st time here and i've gotta say a most well done job and an amazing effort that all can use and enjoy.

    Chocolat3 my hat is off to you and to all u have done so others may better enjoy KaW.
  8. I've updated the thread, so most of the images should show up now. The images of the equipment itself doesn't show up yet, but it should now be a lot easier to see enchantment costs and stats. I'll hopefully get the rest of the images done soon! :)
  9. Choccy, Tier 9 Vanished Paladins need to activate Rancor's Vision
  10. I've now reuploaded and added all the images of the equipment to this guide again. Hopefully I got all of them, if anything is missing, please let me know.

    I also added updated enchantment costs/stats for the Septum Ring of Minotaur and Blaze Undying. There are still missing some data for the Blaze Undying ring, but hopefully I'll get that soon.

    Also, there are still missing a lot of data on the war equipment. If you want to help out by collecting any of that, you can go to this thread to see what is missing. Thank you! :)
  11. So do the ebs only drop hats and gloves ?
  12. What you got to do to upgrade banner's above level 2
  13. That's not possible. Level 2 is the highest level for these banners.
  14. Wow there are a ton of equipment!
  15. Any plans to add the stats on the new gear coming from the General, Conqueror, Sovereign war chests?

    Also knowing up-front the possible levels and required materials for upgrade (General's Scintilla | Conqueror's Scintilla | Sovereign's Scintilla) will be nice...

    Thanks for the great guide!

  16. To go from lvl 2 -3 it takes 3 agumenter medallions and 6 of the jewel things.

    Update: to go from lvl 3-4 it takes 4 agumenters and 12 jewel things. Looks like will continue in same pattern.