★ Equipment Guide ★

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  1. Thank you! :D
  2. Great guide chocolate, it eludes me why you haven't been made vk/mod yet.
  3. Thanks a lot! I'm glad you like the guide! :)
  4. Why is this not in the guides section yet...
  5. The guide has been moved over to the Guides section now! :)
  6. can the advent blade be upgraded
  7. Put Event Equipment In Guide
  8. Sorry, but there are too many event equipment, so I will never be able to get all the needed information! :(
  9. This is great info Chocolate
  10. Awesome thanks
  11. What about ZTA ring?
  12. Btw... What about ring of malefactors :eek:
  13. I've decided to not have event equipment and will only have War equipment that is still available in the Marketplace, in the guide. If not, it would be way too much information to gather.
  14. An event equipment guide would be extremely helpful and save us tons of aqua/inferno.
    But thank you for this guide. Very helpful and much appreciated.
  15. An event equip guide would be nice, I agree with that. But it would take a whole lot of time to gather all the event equip information, as there are A LOT of equipment. I'll probably never manage to get all the information.

    But so far, the newest event equipment has always been better than the previous event equipment.
  16. Charlie all these rings suck ...can we maybe trade them in for a set of brass knuckles once we get any five rings full enchanted?
  17. The equipment Septum Ring of the Minotaur (not done yet) (from The Labyrinth of Zoma) and Blaze Undying (from Zelgarad the Accursed) have been added to the guide.