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    All the information for the epic battles equipment have been gathered! :D
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    I've been seeing you on every single persons wall on Kaw asking questions about equip chocolate. xD Well done, loads of effort went into thissss
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    Great guide - very impressed :)
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    Therefore - please change equipments to equipment - a great work and effort but this error hurts eyes.

    Edit - thanks for fixing it so quickly - you are the best.
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    This has been fixed now! :D
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    The Season 3 war equipment have been added to the guide! :)
  7. I'm happy to announce that the Equipment Guide is finally completed (although some equipment is still missing info)! :)

    Thanks to all the players who have been helping out so far! :D
  8. Excellent thread, Chocolate :)
  9. Thank you! :)
  10. Good job op, nice to see a player put this much effort into doing something for the community
  11. Amazing chocolate! All that's missing is the event eq but that's hella hard to do since there's so many!
  12. Great job, bud. Follow me if you want the list of Event equipment/banners. I have it already.
  13. Thanks a lot, guys! I'm glad you like the guide! :D

    Thanks, but I'm not planning to have the event equipment in this guide as it will be too much info to gather. I'll never be able to get all the needed information! :)
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  15. great job chocolate
  16. Thank you! :)
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  18. Another awesome guide. Well done :)