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  1. Guide to Equipment

    Hello, and welcome to this guide.

    This guide is a redesigned and updated version of the Guide to Equipment made by Resilience. Some of the information is gathered from that guide, and some of the information are gathered from other users (see list below) and from me.

    Please help out with gathering information for this guide, by going to this forum thread! :)

    Check out this forum thread if you're looking for which equipment you should not transmute, the equipment that is still needed in some epic battles.

    If you have any questions or suggestions regarding this guide, feel free to come with them in this forum thread or on my wall! :)
  2. Requirements for Enchanting

    Requirements for Enchanting

    There are three requirements for enchanting equipment:

    • 1) First off, you will need to unlock The Mage to upgrade equipment.

      2) Secondly, you need to obtain items that the Mage can use to enchant.

      3) Thirdly, you have to earn equipment can be enchanted.
    All these points will be explained below.
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  3. Currency


    Epic Battle Equipment

    War Equipment

  4. The Mage

    The Mage

    The Mage is where you go to enchant your equipment. It is like the Oracle or the Alchemist, and can be found on your screen by them. This is what The Mage looks like (on Android):

    To gain access to The Mage, you need to upgrade your the Castle to level 3.

    You will need to open at least 12 Highlands to unlock the ability to upgrade the Castle, and it will cost 10,000,000,000 gold to upgrade from level 2 to level 3.

    It can only be undone if the equipment resets during an attempt to enchant.
  5. List of Equipments

    List of Equipment

    Here is a list of all the equipment dropped from epic battles, purchaseable war equipment, and banners/avatars. Please note that event and limited time equipment and other equipment that are no longer available to be obtained is not included in this guide.

    If you are on a mobile device, you may need to scroll down to find the equipment.

    Epic Battle Equipment
    ⇒ Tier 1 Equipment

    None at this time.

    ⇒ Tier 2 Equipment

    Hooves of Destruction

    ⇒ Tier 3 Equipment

    Hystricidae Helmet

    ⇒ Tier 4 Equipment

    Leonine Arm Plate
    Hooves of Destruction
    Armor of Eternal Fire

    ⇒ Tier 5 Equipment

    Nether Realm Breastplate
    Hystricidae Helmet
    Ice Guardian's Shield
    Abyssal Blade

    ⇒ Tier 6 Equipment

    Silca Ring of Silence
    Quicksilver Plates
    Searing Sickle
    Torrent Talisman
    Iron Gauntlets
    Pinioned Boots

    ⇒ Tier 7 Equipment

    Gold-Plated Greaves
    Steadfast Sollerets
    Viridescent Shield
    Aureate Bracer
    Stalwart Helm
    Vermeil Breastplate
    Crown of Virtue
    Electric Storm Bow
    Enchanted Snare Ring

    ⇒ Tier 8 Equipment

    Ring of Illusion
    Desert Cloak
    Deathstalker Helm
    Boots of the Badlands
    Exoskeleton Armor

    ⇒ Tier 9 Equipment

    None at this time.

    ⇒ Tier 10 Equipment

    Stinger Ring
    Sun Flare Bracers
    Deathstalker Amulet
    Claw Gauntlets
    Arachnidian Greaves
    Skorpion Shield

    ⇒ Tier 11 Equipment

    Blaze Undying

    ⇒ Tier 12 Equipment

    Stabilizer Boots
    Talon Ring
    Bloodless Helm
    Dragon Minion
    Mesmeric Ring
    Tarragon Gloves
    Dragon-scale Armor
    Jaws of Death
    Draconic Vambrace
    Accolade Axe
    Wyrmscale Cuisse
    Wyvernclaw Pauldrons

    ⇒ Tier 13 Equipment

    Boots of Maximal Oppression
    Crown of the Zenitharch

    ⇒ Tier 14 Equipment

    Septum Ring of the Minotaur

    War Equipment
    ⇒ Red Paladin Equipment
    The Red Helm
    Crimson Greaves
    The Ring of Lost Souls
    Burnished Boots
    Crown of the Red Sun
    Gauntlets of Retribution
    Chestplate of Sheared Blood
    Phoenix Pauldrons
    Ring of Zealots
    Vainglory Bracers
    Morning Star

    ⇒ Season 3 Equipment
    Grizzly Ring
    Razer Death Mask
    Lupine Boots
    Scaled Pauldrons
    Throwing Glaive
    Bone Greaves
    Retractile Claws
    Ursine Breastplate
    Wolf Ring
    Primal Club
    Hidden Impalers
    Helm of the Betrayer

    ⇒ Season 4 Equipment
    Zephyr Armguards
    Conch of the Waves
    Dagger of Undine
    Tidal Chestplate
    Aqueous Gauntlets
    Dagger of Sylphid
    Ring of Mists
    Ring of the Tempest

    ⇒ War Banners
    War Banner of the Conqueror
    War Banner of the Monarch
    War Banner of the Defender

    ⇒ Attack Banners
    Wooden Cross of the Conquror
    Wooden Cross of the Monarch
    Wooden Cross of the Defender

    ⇒ Spy Banners
    Wooden Cross of the Cutthroat
    Wooden Cross of the Shadowlord
    Wooden Cross of the Inquisitor
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  6. Enchantment Process

    Enchantment Process

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  7. Thank You

    Thank You

    This guide would never have been made without the help from our amazing KaWmunity. I could not have done all this by myself. Therefore I would like to say a HUGE thanks to all these people:

    joshuaong, Aimdeverel, CraCkFaRrOkH, -_WHAT_-WOW-, Recruit020, __ENVY__, snaphy_007, lIlIlIl-Storm_Savior-lIlIlIl, IIII__III____BES____III__IIII, --SweetBaby--, Ludwigvon88leretour, I_DOM_I, WOLVERlNE, DQMiQN, Trullo, TxXx_Phoenix-Blade_xXxT, Freeb, Dibaba, jnaqash1, DARKPSYCHO, -grizzy-, WordsOfWisdom, IIIIlIll___Enjoy___lllIllIl, Giacomeli, curlytopz24, o00_Emy_00o, IceJarI_PEL, SHS_LONE_SURVIVOR_SHS, ZF-Excalibur, _-LORD-SORA-_, o_O_____Frog____o_0, lordclin, xXx_black_dustwalker_xXx, L0st_Pho3nix, Ouddas, Warriors_1, O0l0lClI_IlHII-llAIl_IlXIO0lIO, suicideblonde, -Easy-, RoyTheGreat, doni245, Kosmix, dRahat3, Merkin, --CF___WAR_DEM0N__CF--, _xxXX_lIlKlIlAlIlZlIl_XXxx_, GaryYip1314, pptanpp, Master, IIIIllilIiIGiIIIlIIIIiIIII, -Scottie-, wijzijnok, Aahzmandius, ALPHA_CoyWolf, XIII_JLEE_XIII, SlayHawk, MagicMarsh, Wiggodragon1, Xxx-Mac-xxX, -Lasho-, SHL_SKelly18_SHL, Owwenn, gr3ml1n, M4X, justaustchau, ________G_D_M_F_S_O_B_____, ChipmunkOfDoom, -___llilIlH1TT3RIIIlll________, KajikaBurnsworth, IlF-IlR-IlE-IlD, -SUNDANCE-, evermore13, DN_Kassio, kodi_89, -DuckyFuzz-, Tarzan-6, sylai, Droppin_Loads, -IRIE-, lxIBishoplxI, malamute5-, LeeLoo_Dallas_Multi-Pass, Bull180-DFA, XXX___LURKER___XXX, MaiziDay, degsdg, GIACOMO-the-jester, -ian-, King_Helium, -Charmed-, IXlHIIAIlIDIlIEIISlXI, Mrts, -_-standingontoilet-_-, -DragonRevenge-, APOLL0, Watchmee, Galistan, iilllii-_-iiilli, ROADKlLL, milkywayyy, NotVaIkyrie, -lllllllllllllllllll-, X_The_Captain_X, -llLll0llRllDII--ViK--lIl1lIl-, ALPHA_bEaStmOdE, ALPHA__PsG_DoG__ALPHA, -5nobody5-, --faiz--, -oxl0lxo_Mo8yC4n3_oxl0lxo-, lllllMahalllllBalilllll, ShadowEnigma, IiCIllHllIiilCIiilKlliiOiilI, Devin99, cold999, Mr-Tyler, -llAllSxllSxllAllSllSxlIlxlNl-, the_great_magicman, AverageAtBest, Bronchitis, bUlIeyTeDIazylndianSoIdi3r, llII_CrAcKeRs-Sparda_IIll, ZF-Leon, TheSpartanGod, Ts_MonKey-NuTs_Ts, CDI__Bruticus_the_Beeben__CDI, ___----lllll_Love_lllll----___, weeddgg, QUEEN-of-13-SHADO-VV-S, -0ne-, ----Wizard----, D0NKS, _Makai_, Delsoul, Liquid, xXP_3Xx_Leo_xXP_3Xx, GiveThemNothing, Jackson

    If you think that you're missing from this list, please contact me on my wall! :)
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  8. The End

    Thanks for reading the guide.
    I hope you enjoyed it! :)
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