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Discussion in 'Clans and Alliances' started by Erak-Starfollower, Apr 30, 2017.

  1. Distaste in the context of "Hate" is a lil stronger than the "distaste" you are tryin to use against me ... your ignorance is stunning. Calling someone who is Loony, a Loony, IS THE TRUTH! ffs lil girl, that scared of the truth?

    Lookup up Abhorrence ya dimwit xD- "a feeling of repulsion, disgusted loathing"

    ^^ ffs Ashaya, do yourself a favor and quit showing your ignorance PLEASE!!

    Learn what the hell your talking about, or DON'T TALK <--- not rocket science.

    AND- Why did you "Completely" ignore the fact that you blatantly lied?? Are you trying to hide that now? Kinda hard, these ^^ quotes are kinda handy in catchin u in your lies e.e
  2. Back on topic > OP props. Sands, no support.

    -If you have further issue Ashaya, take it up with me in private. Your embarrassing to watch.-
  3. Wolf Please do stop de-railing this thread, it truly is amazing and deserves more respect, unlike you. No one likes you in Sands, so pretty sure they don't give a toss about what you think of them :cool:
  4. ^^ Id watch your tongue xo  or did you forget how much you cried in juz a few hrs of inc ;). Ill happily help you remember

    And your arrogance is astounding! You can speak for a whole clan?? like, everyone? wooooooow
  5. The lies?! :lol: just look at my wall and you're there saying sorry ;)
  6. ^^ Aye that- FORUM SEARCH- "A fierce opponent" by hadeswife.

    1) You had nothin to do with them, your idiocy was epic.

    2) You were an ass. I dont even disrespect them so and I FIGHT THEM!

    3) Sands can hate me lol. My fight is against ignorance. <-- there's your sign
  7. Are you that dumb?? I have ss of 8 b2b walls on MY ACC showing you whine how you already apologized to them lmfao!!

    I have what's called honor and fighter's respect. Once you thoroughly stomped and made your ammends, I had no further reason to continue. <-- We call that Integrity. Borrow some from someone if ya must
  8. Yo are you serious. Stop bickering on this post and go to pm. Sheesh
  9. Are you serious?
  10. Haha jokes on you I'm friends with HadesWife, please do show SS though. Anyway, again please stop de-railing the thread
  11. I agree will. I'm just flattered Wolf is giving us so much of his time.
  12. Lol when you think you are worth the time set aside for you
  13. lol when you think you're relevant on this thread
  14. :lol: says the one starting arguments on all of one person's threads. Kinda obsessive wouldn't ya say?
  15. That moment a Hypocrite is caught in action e.e gd point Khalifa lmao
  16. Support! Wonderful thread..

    Elegant design.. I even like the simple and effective ⚜️Legacy⚜️ logo placement .. 
  17. that's exactly it ashes!! op is awesome!! I simply cant support sands haha
  18. Ooo here we have wolfs only friend :lol:
  19. Better to have one friend who will fight with you than a clan full of nobodies, wouldn't ya say? ;)