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  1. Hello everyone, the following below will be a little background/lore for the Sands family, all in fun. i'm new to forum posting so bare with me. thanks for your -Time-.



    Aron = This is the massive desert continent to where the three powers call home.
    The Event = This was a cataclysmic earth quake that destroyed most of the world in the first era.
    The Shield = This artifact can shield a whole army and gives the user great strength and power in battle, It is said that the ancient emperor of TSOA himself wielded The Shield.
    The Hourglass = The most powerful of the ancient artifacts, has the power to control time itself, SoT is in possession of this artifact.
    The Index = This artifact is a mystical book that has vast knowledge from the most advanced fighting techniques to the most powerful forms of the mystical arts, SoR is currently in control of The Index.

    The Sands of Ascension


    TSOA was once a vast and powerful empire that controled the whole northern part of the massive continent Aron. After an era of growth and prosperity The Event occured. The event was a cataclysmic earth quake that destroyed most of Aron leaving few survivors throughout the known world. no one really knows what caused the event but there were rumors that someone used an ancient artifact called the hourglass of time.
    Using this artifact can alter time itself, but changing the past can cause catastrophic destruction. TSOA along with the other great civilizations fell to ruins and were devoured by the sands, only the strongest survived. The great empire forgotten throughout the millennia only to be remembered though stories and tales. Others try to forget the past, looking to the future of there growing civilizations. Yet the ancient myths of TSOA don't rest easy as the whispering winds from the heart of the desert speak of mighty cities and golden warriors rising from the sands

    TSOA has returned

    -Sands of Time-


    Over the course of a millennia, after the event occurred, new civilizations have come to power. One being SoT the sands of time. Famous as the Keepers of the Hourglass, the ancient artifact believed to have caused the event.

    SoT being one of three great powers of Aron, along with SoR and the newly arisen TSOA. The sands of time is equal to TSOA in size however having a smaller highly trained military with an elite unit called Keepers - ones who protect the hourglass. being that it is the most powerful of the artifacts.
    SoT's teritories expand across the east-southern part of Aron. though not looking to expand there territories and normally a peaceful civilization, they will not hesitate to destroy an opposing force.

    Sands of Reality


    SoR is not the biggest or the most powerful clan of Aron but they should not be taken lightly, as SoR is home to the school of Torfier. This "school" can also work as a fortress, not only is it surrounded by high heavily fortified walls it is home to hundreds of students and many masters of the arts. People come from every corner of Aron to learn and become proficient in the skill that they have come to master.
    The masters of the school are the guardians of The Index and its vast knowledge. If SoR were to ever come under attack the school and its masters would work with SoR's armies to take down any threat to there home.

    The Index

    That's all for now, Thanks for reading!
    Join and grow with us! Be apart of our team!

    -Sands of Time- 50mcs+
    Sands of Reality 15mcs+
    The Sands of Ascension (currently needs more leadership) no min cs required
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    I am the present time and we have many who are the future of Sands.
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    FORUM SEARCH- Kaw's Grand Illusion

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