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  1. Hello! I thought I'd make this thread so the community could discuss the mechs of dismantling furnishings. I'm not fully sure of the mechs and I'm trying to correlate data with the drops, any input on your dismantling drops and build types would be great.

    Currently, if you dismantle L1 furnishings. You get 10/10/25 of the common materials in that ratio.

    Common materials you ask?
    1. Red Lumber (Attack Build?)
    2. Blue Ingots (Hybrid Build?)
    3. Yellow Sandstone (Hansel Build)

    After talking to a few other traders that are dismantling furnishings, it seems that each account has a type. Let's call it a miner.

    When I dismantle any L1 furnishings as a Hansel, I always get 25 of the yellow Sandstone and 10 of the Red Lumber / Blue Ingots. So my account would be a "yellow miner". It doesn't change with the furnishings, but always the 10:10:25 for me. With 25 being Yellow Sandstone or gold .

    Similarly my hybrid build alt makes 10:25:10 dismantling the same furnishings as my main, 25 being the blue ingots here. So he'd be a "blue miner" account.

    I've see other accounts that are red miners, 25:10:10, I haven't been able to verify if it corresponds to build type.

    I'm trying to establish if your build type directly affects what type of dismantling material drops the most for you. Is it random, or is it permanent? Or does it change with build types?
    I don't have enough accounts to make a conclusive answer. Any help is appreciated.

    Ps: I might be wrong, I'm simply positing that the mechs of dismantling drops might be tied to your build type. The purpose of this thread is to determine that with certainty.
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    I always seem to get blue pillars the most, and yellow sandstone the least (always struggled to get sandstone to upgrade with yet was easy with the rest)
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    I've dismantled 3 Workshop Walls and got 25 Red 10 Yellow 10 Blue each time.
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    I get the red 25 rest 10 with my build
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    What kind of miner you are seems to be permanent and linked to your build. (Red/Blue/Gold)

    From what I've seen, Hansels are Yellow Sandstone heavy. (Gold)
    Attack build (Red Lumber)
    Hybrids ( Blue Ingots)
  6. Red miner here as well
  7. 60 red and 15 each of the others
  8. Attack build and mainly gets red items
  9. Yes very good point just because furniture costs stupid amount of nobs only the odd drunk or someone with more money than sence. What's the stats for furniture, charms compare??? Furniture should expect u have raw stats added say 50% or something and charms bfe stats for example..... Devs can u take time to explain the stats statics so the community don't get ripped off 1b charms stats for level 2 horse 1998 real cash like $200 humm for that price should be raw static stats imo please in lighten us please
  10. Was asked for 750 charms cs for level 2 horse just too much especially if furnishings give nothing more stats or account bonus any more than a charm

    I was like Ain't nobody got time for that!
  11. ***************


    I hope this explains to you how it works!
    BFE/Charms/BFA and Furnishings work the same way as each other, ie they're directly added to your raw
    stats. Your actual stats are 0.02 x raw stats.

    Coming to the absurd pricing for furnishings, that's on ATA. I don't get the logic behind it. Furnishings could
    have been a great gold sink but ATA decided to overpriced them via nobs
    Considering how it looks like there's going to be a new furnishings theme every event, I'd say ATA didn't really
    think it through. 40 horses to create a L10 horse at 999 nobs each? Crazy.

    Charms were from PiMD.
    The showcase is from PiMD
    Furniture is from PiMD too.

    So I don't think ATA's development plan matches what the community needs/asks for.
  12. I get more sandstone if it matters
  13. Ok, but when do we get a garden?
  14. Hansel- I get 10 red, 25 yellow, 10 blue for dismantling lvl1 gourds/walls/floors etc