⁉What needs changing in kaw???⁉

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  1. What needs Changing in kaw?

    As we recently saw, poor ATA_Charlie tries to make a radical change in the world of kaw. Now it was clear that's really not how the community wanted it. So what do you think really needs to be changed in kaw? Not only that but, give our devs advice and insight into how you feel it would be best done.

    As a clan owner I hawk WC for people looking for clans. One thing i have noticed from this is that the majority of people searching for clans are either really new to kaw or are old players who come back for like a day or two and get bored and go inactive. People are getting bored of the game. So I think we need most of all is a new event system. When you have a series event it just feels like a huge event with occasional breaks. I personally like the short event where every EB dropped the one item you needed. It was just easy and more relaxed. That could work well. There could be clan based events to tackle the clan loyalty issue. This would be where clans are rewarded as a whole, equally, in accordance to their progress as a whole in the event. There was an event once which had a EB path and a full on PvP path, i thought that worked well and it was something different.

    Another thing I have noticed is new players just quit the game so quick. I think the tutorial is just too quick and really doesn't show much. New players should be encouraged to take part in epic battle, wars and view forums for guidance and to contribute to the community.

    I just want to ask ATA_Charlie what he/she(I don't know), feels is a big problem in kaw and she there he/she thinks that the devs could enter the community more. Become players for a bit, notice the problems, speak with the community. Along with this certain players may be highlighted as potential mods/vk's (which is another issue). I had a thread a few weeks back where people posted who they feel is suitable for those roles, however it was locked for going off topic. So I think the best way to find players for the roles is for the devs to find them themselves.

    Sorry this is a bit of a block of words but try your best people lol. :)

    Most of this has been mentioned, but just chucked it in one thread where a dev can be part of the discussion on it.
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    As ur pointing about these large saga events.. i think each part should be a little different to make the saga events interesting.. like part 1 is about equips.like wwe're having now. Part 2 about inferno, aqua, .. part3 about lands like giving land tokens or sb as rewards( we donot need sb for every part) part 4 about war etc... also i think rewards should be chooseable like s6.... what do u think guys???
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    The Sb help new and slow grown players to grow faster as lands get pricey and harder to buy for a lot of people,far as events they need to stop with the breaks in between run whole event then rewards as needed while still have a PvP war side to balance if u don't want eb for rewards
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    You just laughed at the name Charlie when it is your name also...
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    The game needs more PvP focus it was great they bought in PvP events but they have ruined that with blitzes in the middle of a EB event. Obviously people just farm PS in these events so I suggest changing the PS mechanic for events only.

    Also don't release any more lands stats are big enough thank you I suggest releasing something else that requires gold pets would be great for this.

    More mith equipment but instead of it being outdated within a week it can be upgraded to infinite levels obviously this would be very expensive to upgrade but it would encourage more to war. And would solve the problem of it being outdated within a week.
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    Not laughing at the name, kind of would be self insulting, I'm one of those people that puts lol around most things.... Lol.
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    This is a good suggestion by Grizzy. Totally love the idea of being able to upgrade infinitely. People would be far for encouraged to invest. Also it would keep war at the heart of the game where it belongs.
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    Thanks for making this thread Charlie!

    You've touched on a lot of things and maybe it's easiest if we just start talking about the things at the beginning first and move on from there naturally.

    I am really excited about having a conversation around Events and Event Structure.

    Some things you touched on:

    • Events being exciting for new players
      Events involving and Rewarding Clans
      Different ways of rewarding PvP besides war-weekends
      Events with 'something different'

    I would love to hear more details around what you mean by these things and other things that comes to mind when talking about our current event structure. What are some of the many other things you would like to see besides mentioned in this list? Any and all comments extremely appreciated!
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    Ill break them down in several posts.


    Events being exciting for new players:

    New players I think love the first few events they take part in. They must love how fast they grow and earn equipment. However there comes a point when they recognise the repetitivness of them. They may not have found a home clan, or participated in wars, or really made any friends becayse they had only been set on events and clan hopping for it. So they miss out on the best parts of the game and quit too quickly.However had they been prematurely notified about kaw outside of events then they may not have gone through this. (Referencing the tutorial.)
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    What is this radical change and who is this Charlie guy people keep talking about
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    Events rewarding clans:

    This mainly sorts the problem of clan loyalty. Due to constant events based on individual effort, people spend most of their time clan hopping and in zta/hte clans. This makes life hard for us clan owners as we don't have the set members, who always stay with the clan. So a new type of clan event would be good. No iduvidual items would be given to players but into a clan total which at the end of event would decide the reward everyone in the clan would receive. Clan loyalty is a real big problem in the game. Running clans now is far harder than it used to be.
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    @Extra wc idea,

    It does seem like a good solution to the massive amounts of ads vs player conversation posts in wc. But it would unfortunately just create two wc's to post ads on instead.

    Ppl are going to post ads where ppl will see them. Now i can only guess at this, but i doubt there are a lot of ppl who are viewing wc for ads compared to thoughs that are chatting or just lurking. Which intern, would make the wc that isnt designated for ads the better place to get one seen by more ppl.

    As for what i think kaw needs...

    Something that can/makes you feel you need a clan to progress or just to even survive. Going about kaw by yourself should in a more noticeable way be dangerous.

    So much could be developed around the clan system.

    Secondly, well i dont really know but something that requires reevaluating and rediscovering of how things work and effect all builds. Something like a skill tree with multiple characteristics and buffs.

    Something that resembled what most must of felt that started playing a long, long time ago. Where you had to do some trial and error and figure it out cause it wasnt common knowledge yet, type of stuff.
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    Different ways of rewarding pvp events:

    A while back around 2013-14 there was a patron saints of war event. This event had two paths. One for solely PvP item collection and the other for epic battle item collection. This was great because it aloud players to engage in full on PvP for a week or so rather than the weekend it is now. And if PvP was not your thing then you could take the path of ebs. This is a different system and was more interesting and fun at the time. I don't remember too much about it as I wasn't as active back then. In addition there was another event a while back where there was a global kaw effort to collect vigor wisps. The community was rewarded as one along with individual rewards i believe. I really enjoyed the concept of Working as one to achieve a goal. Lastly on this point there was once an event EB, which gave equipment for a limited time. Many people still use the banners from it. It was a hard EB to say so i don't repeat it lol.

    Event with something new:

    So I think using the old concepts and new ones, we need to come up with a new event style.

    One idea (although bot very detailed) I have is that maybe through an event EB you earn equipmemt. However using a pvp aspect you can damage other peoples equipment until it is weak enough for you to take it from them.
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    I think the reality is that this game was a great innovative idea 5 or 6 years ago and although the game has evolved over time and been tweaked, it has in no way been changed in ways that could be considered innovating. And the reality is (no offence ATA) you really are not going to be able to do anything to make this game more relevant in any way.

    Truly, although this game may keep going for an unknown amount of years to come, in the grand scope of gaming (especially in the app world) this game really is nothing.

    So patch this torn up game however you please but it has aged and either it has either strayed too far from foundation of this game that previously worked, or simply this game is fundamentally no longer something many people enjoy. The world and trends evolve quickly (especially mobile gaming) and this game hasn't kept moving but simply just hung on.
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    Go back to separating the stats of the equipts earned for the type of event played...

    A couple of years ago if you wanted a kick butt attack heavy equipment, you participated in seasonal ee wars. Red paladin and purple paladin were the best attack stat armor available. The only way to get these amazing stats were to participate in wars and collect rancor. Just like eb equipts... If u wanted the best spy equipment you needed to hammer away at the ebs to get the reward.

    It kinda saddens me that equipt rewards from these recent events are super easy to achieve. ( last few events I logged in four times a day, unloaded and surpassed all my equipts from season 1&2)
    Granted all equipts will be eventually obsolete, but eb or event equipts should surpass eb event equipts... Just like ee equipts should surpass ee equipts.
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    I agree with this point. Event equips should not surpass mith and EB equips. Or maybe mith and EB equip should be infinitely upgradeable like grizzy earlier mentioned and event equip shouldn't.
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    I love Kaw always have , what we need is advertisement
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    Advertisment costs a lot for app developers.
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    I kind of agree but who's really going to want to play a 7 year old game where they have no chance of reaching any lb without selling their house? They'll maybe play it for a week and then realise its not happening and quit.